SKIOLD has taken over IT company Farmlog

Wants to further increases the digitization of pig production

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Barenbrug expand their grass seed factory

Doubling their current SKIOLD Damas solution

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Lundegaard farm extends

To a total of 30,000 finisher pigs.

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DLG – the largest farm supply company in Europe

Uses SKIOLD Damas seed processing solutions

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Trend in pig farming

Phase feeding is in progress

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French farmer chooses SKIOLD

Feed mill for dairy cattle

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SKIOLD signs contract for feed mill and grain cleaning

For broilers and sows

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One of Denmark’s historic manors are expanding

And has chosen SKIOLD as their supplier

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One of Australia’s most efficient pig farm expands

Reduces feed costs by 12 % by choosing SKIOLD

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Trends in feed manufacturing

Increase in farmers wishing to produce their own feed

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Two new contracts in Vietnam

Both second time clients

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SKIOLD is growing both on the top and bottom line

SKIOLD, one of the largest Danish owned companies, publish annual report

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SKIOLD signs fourth contract with large Russian customer

The project is a full line farm with silos, feeding system and penning solution.

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Our new warehouse and office space in Australia is nearing completion

This extension will double the size of our warehouse space

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Chinese customer chooses SKIOLD again

Full-line project for 4.000 sows

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The way we develop innovative products in SKIOLD

User driven development

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One of the largest pig breeders chooses SKIOLD

Total solution including Multi-phase dry feeding system to reduce use of zinc

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Industrial feed manufacturer reduces power consumption by 50%

Per ton feed manufactured on the disc mill compared to the hammer mill

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SKIOLD delivers to second largest poultry producer

We have won a contract to deliver a total feed mill solution to poultry producer in Lithua…

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New contract for feeding system for 38.000 sows

Farms will be built in 9 stories with 1.000 sows on each storey

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Russian national TV cover opening of feed milling plant

Complete 12 tons/hr feed milling plant

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SKIOLD supplies a new 25 th feed production plant

For the largest and most advanced cow farm in South East Asia

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On-farm service concept

SKIOLD is introducing a new service concept with on-farm service

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Norway - liquid feeding

300 pig farms with liquid feeding from SKIOLD

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Phew, we made it before the very cold Russian winter

We are setting up a 12 tons/hr feed milling plant and a 20,000 tons silo plant with grain …

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Jojoba oil from the world's largest supplier

We have signed a contract with Jojoba Israel LTD.

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SKIOLD continues the growth in Vietnam

Third contract to same customer

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SKIOLD Virtual Reality

We present the latest technology in Virtual Reality and 3D photography

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We are expanding - in Australia

We have bought more land and expand the existing facilities

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Reduces mycotoxins with up to 90%

Sigma – the only machine in the World to reduce mycotoxins in grain significantly

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Intelligent big data platform for fast insights

DistriWin gives you a complete overview of the farm

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New Australian customer - for cattle feed

SKIOLD has sold a feed mill plant for an Australian customer

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Ratanui Farm in New Zealand

See how Ratanui Farm has gained a competitive advantage

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3rd family generation

We meet international SKIOLD customers with a unique story

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Top Trend in Danish Farming

Largest increase since the 1990's

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Save up to 70%

Ventilation is a huge power guzzler in your pig farm

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Optimizes the feed

SKIOLD EatTime optimizes the feed based on the animal’s circadian rhythm

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Innovative pig farmer overwhelms the Minister

The largest project sold by SKIOLD A/S in Latvia has been opened

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Great demand for World´s largest Disc Mill

With a capacity of 30 tons per hour

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New warehouse at SKIOLD

SKIOLD has taken a new 3000 m2 large warehouse in Sæby into use.

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SKIOLD sells everywhere – Down Under as well

SKIOLD has started well in 2016 with a historically large volume of orders

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Damas is now stronger as part of SKIOLD

All activities, assets and liabilities in Damas A/S are acquired by SKIOLD A/S

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SKIOLD establishes company in Ukraine

Farmers in Ukraine will now have easier access to Danish equipment from SKIOLD

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Ventilation test of PM motor

Our PM motor has an energy saving of up to 70%

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