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Established in 1877

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SKIOLD makes the difference

For customers and employees

With more than 140 years of developing, projecting and producing advanced machinery for feed production plants, full-line pig farms, equipment for poultry farms, housing for cattle farms, grain storage and handling plants and seed processing, SKIOLD is today one of the most preferred partners in these fields and delivers projects all over the world. With the acquisition of Landmeco  and Jyden in 2018 and 2019, we are now able to deliver total solution for poultry farms and housing for pig- and cattle farms.

As it will appear from the following, you will find SKIOLD feed production plants, poultry equipment, grain storage and handling plants, full-line pig farms, and seed processing plants installed in countries almost all over the world. This has given us considerable international experience and knowledge of local conditions and the challenges these sometimes imply.

Our farms and plants are individually designed and constructed specifically to meet our customers’ detailed demands. Yet, our use of a module/section concept provides for simplicity and an optimum plant and farm design, easy implementation, and not to forget an unproblematic operation.

SKIOLD makes the difference - our equipment is a future-proof investment.

SKIOLD is committed to identifying, designing, and developing quality solutions that will increase productivity and efficiency for our customers, and at the same time reduce energy consumption and operating cost.

Cooperation with professional producers and advisors in Denmark and abroad ensures a balanced and modern product program that meets the increasing demands for services which guarantee competitiveness.


  • Developing and producing advanced machinery as well as projecting complete plants within all of our 5 business segments
  • Owned by Solix Group
  • Group CEO Mr Lasse Viegand Hansen
  • Export ratio of 90 %
  • Subsidiaries in 10 countries
  • Headquarters in Denmark
  • 500+ employees