Dairy Cows

The optimally organized barn for dairy cows focus on easy monitoring of animals and walking routines of staff

- in case there is a need for the treatment of a sick cow. The dairy cow must be offered the best options to easily move around in the barn to eat, rest and be milked without any stress.

Farms have different strategies regarding animal grouping yet there is always the need to isolate dry cows and calving cows from the rest of the herd. While a calving box requires closed dividers in order to give the cow a calm and infection free environment, open grilles are often used in loose barn to create groups, allowing the farmer to manage his herd.

The cubicles are the resting place for the animals, where they are located for more than half of the day's hours. It is imperative that the animals are comfortable and feel safe when resting. The cubicles directs the animals to fit correctly in the barn. This avoids too much fertilizer in the rest area. The cubicles must define and protect against other animals in the barn. At the same time, there must be freedom in the hangers so that no damage and skin scrapes occur on the animals.

SKIOLD JYDEN offers different solutions to cover the various needs in the dairy cattle farm.

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