Rubber mats for cattle

High quality rubber mats for cattle that gives greater activity and healthier cows with good rest comfort

It is primordial that cows are able to walk between the feed table, the milking equipment and the resting area, and they need a non-slippery surface to feel safe to move and lie down. Greater activity gives healthier cows. The rubber mats for cows from SKIOLD JYDEN provide improved slip safety and good rest comfort. A soft yet firm mattress in the cubicle gives the support the cow needs, distributing its weight when she rests. A soft walking alley with rubber mats gives a comfortable surface for the cows to walk on. Our solutions provides improved slip safety and good rest comfort with a base that conforms to the anatomy of the cattle, also ensuring a good weight distribution, reducing the pressure on hocks and hips. SKIOLD JYDEN has a wide range of quality assured rubber mats for cattle. 

See a video on our rubber mats here