Probably the two largest broiler houses in Poland

SKIOLDLANDMECO has just finished the installation of our feeders and drinkers in a very unusual farm in Poland.

 The farm is placed in the beautiful region of East Poland, where the owner Piotr Błachnio decided to make full use of his land and build two large broiler houses.

The farm consists of two very large buildings: 160 x 31 meters and 145 x 31 meters and both houses have poles in the middle to support the construction of the roof. The farm can produce up to 205.000 broilers per cycle.

Many factors must be taken into consideration when managing a production of this scale in only two very large houses. It was therefore both an exciting and challenging project for us to work together with the client, in order for him to get the right working conditions and an optimal production

For each house SKIOLDLANDMECO has delivered 7 pan feeding lines with Safe Connector including flex augers for the feed scales, and 8 drinking lines. “We believe that SKIOLDLANDMECOs solutions will make the production of this farm both better and easier, ensuring the owner great results, “says Tomasz Wróblewski, Sales Manager Poland.

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