Cattle barns from A-Z

A well-considered total integration created on the basis of the highest expertise.

Bringing the best comfort for your cows. At SKIOLD JYDEN we support you with layouts for an efficient daily management of your herd. Our solutions are developed for each area in the barn, with focus on animal welfare, easy management, and installation as well as durability.



Resting area

Natural lying position, freedom of movement with good positioning in the stall. Designed for easy entrance and exit of the stall. Open design for a comfortable, inviting stall with rubber mattress for comfort and increased milk production. Easy to clean, little maintenance and perfect hygiene






Feeding area

Headlock for easy fixation and treatment of the animals. Individual access to feed. Transponder protection to ensure that the cow is not stuck in the tilting bar. SKIOLD JYDEN headlocks have plastic end on the tilting bar, so they are silent in use.





Staggered neck pipe, a simple solution, good access to feed for all cows. Can be easily adjusted in relation to the number in the group and future adjustments.







The Breeze Ventilators creates a slow comfortable breeze that optimize cooling of the animals in warm periods and circulate and improves minimum ventilation in cold periods. It also reduces humidity, condensation and odor and thereby create a healthier and more comfortable environment.






Dividers for easy group management. Variable models are available according to the respective animal groups and are easy to integrate into the barn as dimensions are adapted to the farm layout.







Water troughs for each group in stainless steel for improved hygiene and easy cleaning. All troughs are available in a wide range of sizes, which makes it adaptable to the number of cows in the groups.








Cow brushes for comfort are very important for the wellbeing of the cow. We offer different models which can be obtained with or without motor rotation.








Welfare area equipped with safety headlocks and 3 pipe separation for easy supervision of the animals, as well as easy access to the pen. A special area where cows get a softer bedding and more space to get back to full health. Safety headlocks allow for a quick release of the animal should it fall.






Individual calving boxes with safety headlocks. The front opens and acts as a gate as well as for fixing the cow for examination, providing safety for the animals as well as the workers.







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