Damas is now stronger as part of SKIOLD

All activities, assets and liabilities in Damas A/S are acquired by SKIOLD A/S

SKIOLD Damas A/S becomes a division in SKIOLD, the Seed division, with effect from the turn of the year.

With effect from January 1st 2015, clients and suppliers will benefit from the fact that Damas becomes an even stronger partner, when all activities in the current Damas A/S are continued in a new company, SKIOLD Damas A/S, which will be 100% owned by the SKIOLD Group as a division in SKIOLD, the Seed division.

The new company will be run by Klaus Gaarde, who has been managing director and co-owner of Damas since 1999. Production and administration will still be located in Vester Åby in Funen.

The integration of Damas into SKIOLD is implemented in order to give the unique Damas machines for cleaning and grading of grain and seeds an even stronger position in the world market.

As an integrated company in SKIOLD, Damas will have better possibilities of growth and development, which is necessary for the company's continued existence as equal partner to the ever larger clients around the world, who invest in ever larger and more complete and complex plants equipped with technology from SKIOLD.

One reason why Damas will become strengthened as a fully integrated part of SKIOLD is that SKIOLD has spent many resources during recent years on expansions and development of markets, with offices in Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, France, and others. In addition, SKIOLD has a strategy for continued business and market development.

Naturally, the name Damas will still be applied, as this is a strong brand established by 150 years of development of unique special-purpose machines for cleaning and grading of grain and seeds. Already in the year 1900, the founder Jens Nielsen obtained a gold medal for grain cleaning machines at the world exhibition in Paris. Naturally, this medal became a breakthrough for the company 114 years ago.

100 percent owned by SKIOLD
SKIOLD bought 80% of the shares in Damas from Thoraso, a sister company to SKIOLD, two years ago. Now SKIOLD buys the remaining 20% of the shares from Klaus Gaarde. Thus Damas A/S becomes 100% integrated with SKIOLD.

In practice, SKIOLD A/S acquires all activities, assets and liabilities from Damas A/S and moves them to the new company, SKIOLD Damas A/S, which will be 100% owned by SKIOLD A/S.

The buildings in Vester Åby with belonging liabilities will remain in the current Damas A/S, and the name is changed to Ejendomsselskabet Industrivej 2 A/S. The ownership will remain as hitherto - 80% to SKIOLD and 20% to Klaus Gaarde.

Klaus Gaarde will, as mentioned, continue as managing director in the new company SKIOLD Damas. At the same time, he will be managing director and co-owner of Ejendomsselskabet Industrivej 2.

Klaus Gaarde will in addition enter as member of the SKIOLD Group's management group. The new SKIOLD Damas A/S will have a new VAT number. Furthermore, the new company will have a new logo and will be using the same colours as SKIOLD.

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