New General Manager for SKIOLD Qingdao

Background from SKIOLD customers

SKIOLD has announced that Brian Vinther has been appointed as new general manager for SKIOLD Qingdao in China. Brian will be replacing Alan Cowey who will go on retirement in June 2018. Alan has done a great job developing SKIOLD Qingdao in a positive direction and we wish him all the best in his future retirement. 

Brian Vinther has obtained a lot of experience from former management positions with LLC “Rask” in Russia and Viet Thang Animal Feed Joint Stock Company in Vietnam, which are both large agriculture companies. 

This experience makes him especially suited to take on the role as general manager and contribute to further growth in China together with the rest of the SKIOLD team in SKIOLD Qingdao. China is experiencing constant growth and is an important market for SKIOLD. SKIOLD has been on the Chinese market with its own company since 2012.

Being local is an important element in the SKIOLD Group strategy of being close to core markets and the customers. We welcome Brian to the SKIOLD team.


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