One of Australia’s most efficient pig farm expands

Reduces feed costs by 12 % by choosing SKIOLD

Increased demand for Australian luxury pork from Singapore has led GD Pork Pty Ltd. to expand with a total of 21 buildings.

Reduces feed costs by 12 % by choosing a SKIOLD feed milling solution
GD Pork Pty Ltd., located in Western Australia, are exporting 75 % of their meat to Singapore through Craig Mostyn Group. Increasing demand has led to a total investment of 15 mio Euro for a full-line pig farm with 21 new buildings spread over two farms, thus increasing production from 600-1300 pigs a week. This is due to be finished by the middle of this year. The upgrades will increase efficiency, animal health and profitability.

SKIOLD has delivered a total solution with feed mill, silos, liquid and dry feeding systems, dry feeders, flooring and penning. Producing their own feed is new to GD Pork, previously they purchased their feed, but by producing their own they aim to save 12% on feed costs. Especially in Australia, it makes good sense to produce your own feed due to long transport distances, which represents a major expenditure in the total feed cost.

Highest efficiency in Australia
They are the among most efficient pig farmers in Australia weaning 26 piglets per breeding sow per year whereas the average in Australia is 18 -20. The reason for the high efficiency is due to the management, which is led by Managing Director Mr. Torben Soerensen.

Australia is far behind other countries when it comes to number of piglets per sow. As an example the number is 30-35 in Denmark. The reason for the low efficiency in Australia is that it is not possible to import state-of-the-art genetics from Denmark, due to the restrictive import regulations in the Australian market.

Danish way of farm management gives results
“We manage the farms a little different than usual in Australia. I hold a Master’s degree in agricultural economics from Denmark, and we employ some top level managers from Denmark, which means that we have another approach to pig farming than our colleagues. Management and labor efficiency are key to our success. For an example, we place the buildings closer to each other and have smaller groups of pigs in the different sections. In Australia the common way is to have big pens with up to 700 pigs, but we have a maximum of 40 pigs, which gives us a better overview of the pigs and how they are doing, which increases their health and wellbeing” says Mr. Soerensen.

Next day delivery of high quality pork in Singapore
“The consumers in Singapore are quality conscious and are looking abroad for high security food and they prefer light-colored pork. The pigs are slaughtered when they reach a live weight of 105 kg, and immediately after slaughter, halves of their bodies are flown to our customers in Singapore in order to sell them on the market the day after.” says Mr. Soerensen. 

SKIOLD chosen supplier for our farm
“We have chosen SKIOLD as our main supplier of feed mill, silos, liquid and dry feeding systems, flooring and penning and dry feeders. Especially their long time experience within feed milling and feed delivery for the pigs was an important criteria for us as well as their ability to deliver a very large part of the project for us. We are very happy with the cooperation and they have a large willingness to get the project done in time and on budget,” ends Mr. Soerensen.


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