SKIOLD pre-cleaning machine for grain and seed

We invented the cleaner. Now we’re doing it again.

20 % higher output in a cost-effective, medium-range cleaner

SKIOLD Damas were the first in the world to present an automated grain cleaning machine back in the late 19th century. Since then we have constantly strived to deliver the best, most efficient and sturdy grain and seed treatment machinery on the market. Now, with the introduction of the new pre-cleaner, we’re setting a new standard for cereal cleaning equipment. 

With the new pre-cleaner, we’re introducing a brand new design philosophy based on simplicity, maximum efficiency and long life-span, all in a compact and attractively designed package which will fit just about anywhere.

In fact, the new Damas Pre-cleaner gives you 20 % higher output compared to machines of similar size and price range. Add to that the benefits of a compact design, simple servicing and minimum vibrations, and you can see why the new Damas Pre-cleaner is not just another new machine – it’s the future of cereal cleaning. 

How it works

The new Damas Pre-cleaner cleans and pre-cleans grain through the continuous motion of its unique double-screen layout. With its simplified screen design with no dead corners, the capacity is increased by 20 % when compared to similar cleaners. The new Damas Pre-cleaner is available in two versions with a capacity of 100 t/h and 200 t/h.

Grain sizes and types

The new Damas Pre-cleaner cleaner is well-suited for all types of cereals like e.g. barley, oats and wheat. If you want to check out what equipment we offer for different grain types and sizes, take a look at our grain/machine configuration page. 

Your direct benefits 

20 % higher efficiency

With the new Damas Pre-cleaner, we are setting a new standard for efficiency. Without increasing machine size, we have managed to increase efficiency by 20 % when compared to similar machines on the market – up to 200 tons per hour. 

Goodbye to vibrations

The innovative design of the screens helps reduce the dynamic forces transferred to the floor or foundations to a bare minimum. In fact, with the new Damas Pre-cleaner, it’s goodbye to vibrations and hello to a pleasant, care-free working environment. 

Unique, simplified design

With just one eccentric drive for all four screens/boxes, the new Damas Pre-cleaner’s uptime will be maximised and maintenance minimised – you will spend very little time looking at the insides of the machine. 

Easy in every way

The new Damas Pre-cleaner is designed to make it easy to operate and easy to maintain. The screens are designed to be self-cleaning without dead zones or corners, where material can accumulate. Finally, the new Damas Pre-cleaner is designed to make screen changing as fast and easy as possible, saving valuable time on repairs and maintenance with the new unique screen system. 

Danish design

We did not just design the new Damas Pre-cleaner to be the most efficient and reliable cleaner on the market - we also designed it to be nice to look at on the outside. That’s why we designed the new Damas Pre-cleaner according to Danish industrial design traditions: Simple, clean and functional.

The surfaces are easy to clean and will keep their good looks for years to come – something you will appreciate as your new new Damas Pre-cleaner will be a fixed part of your production for many years into the future.

The product will be showned at Agritechnica and released for sale in 2018.


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