SKIOLD has taken over IT company Farmlog

Wants to further increases the digitization of pig production

SKIOLD has taken over Farmlog which was established by  ms. Margit Skovbjerg. The company has developed and introduced an integrated IT platform for pig producers all over the world. A platform which full fill the pig producers need for management in terms of fast, precise and useful data which increases the efficiency and profitability by improving the health and welfare in pig production as well as generating a simple and user friendly pig management system. Farmlog is a cloud base management system including app for iOS (Apple) and Android as well as a webpage. Everything which makes it possible for the pig producer to see his data and information in real time no matter where he is located. The platform has been well received by Danish pig producers.

"To be profitable, sustainable and market-adapted, the future of pig production shall in much greater extent than previously be based on accurate and real time data" says Samuel Waldorph, CEO of the SKIOLD Group.

"Consumers and authorities increasingly demand traceability and documentation in all stages of production. For the pig producer himself is the essential to monitor and control all processes in ever larger and more complex systems in real time – which means at the same moment as production data is recorded by equipment or employees in the stable" adds Samuel Waldorph.

"The acquisition of Farmlog represents a natural enhancement and further development of SKIOLD's investments in automation and digitalization. It will help to expand the company's strengths position among pigs producers globally" says Samuel Waldorph.
Margit Skovbjerg will in addition play a central role in SKIOLD's product IT organization.

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