SKIOLD signs strategic dealer agreement in Taiwan

with WD AGRITEK for sales and service

The strategic partnership between two leaders in the field will give the Taiwanese farming industry a jump into the top of the best international league.

WD AGRITEK signed a dealer agreement with SKIOLD, a Danish-based company with more than 140 years of experience and know-how within feed milling, full line pig farms, poultry farms, grain handling, cattle housing and seed processing.

Accordingly, the two parties will collaborate to develop modern turn-key solutions for the Taiwanese’s farming market to increase efficiency and productivity, which includes total solution offering, customer service and marketing activities.

The Trade Council of Denmark, Taipei witness the signing of a Strategic Partnership Agreement between SKIOLD and WD Agritek.

The cooperation between Denmark and Taiwan, especially in the pig production can be traced back to more than 30 years ago. In recent years, Denmark and Taiwan have had intensive bilateral collaboration in livestock production, energy, water resources and other sectors. It has always been The Trade Council’s mission to promote food security, secure wellbeing of the people in the society, and create a sustainable environment by working with global partners. Said Mr Nicholas Enersen, Director of The Trade Council of Denmark, Taipei.

“Given the high labour cost, high living cost, and high environmental standards, Denmark manage to produce internationally competitive agriculture product because the farms are designed in a way to be smart and automated. Thus the industry has a high value and serves as a benchmark internationally.” Said by Ms Marie Louise Flach de Neegard, the Minister Counsellor for Agriculture, Food, Environment and Water of Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mr Lasse Viegand Hansen, CEO of SKIOLD personally visit Taiwan and sign the strategic partnership agreement.

Mr Hansen said the Danish food and agriculture industry has vowed to become climate neutral from farm to fork by 2050. Smart farming and low emission farm design are critical for this ambitious goal.

“With SKIOLD’s advanced technology and support from WD Agritek, we will help the livestock industry in Taiwan to become among the most efficient and cutting-edge in the world - also when it comes to sustainability. “ said Mr Hansen.

In view of increasing population and risk of food shortage in the future, and the urgent need for transformation of the Taiwan livestock industry, Mr Hoo expand his business to agriculture and established WD Agritek in 2018.

The synergy created by SKIOLD and WD Agritek will not only be a win-win for both companies, but it will also benefit the livestock industry in Taiwan.

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ABOUT WD Agritek

Mr Robert Hoo, President of WD Agritek established Anatek in Kaohsiung in 1993. Under the leadership of Mr Hoo, the company have had maintained positive growth for the past 26 years. The company has seven service centres with 170 employees focus across six major areas namely, power plant, petrochemical, municipal wastewater, laboratory instruments, semiconductor, drinking water and Industrial Wastewater. 
Anatek is now the largest water quality and gas monitoring equipment production company in Taiwan

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