Pig farm in virtual reality

SKIOLD Virtual Reality

We present the latest technology in Virtual Reality and 3D photography

Walk around in either a feed mill or a pig farm - almost like being there yourself.

We have been on three different sites in Denmark filming feed mills and pig farms

Feed mill with residue liquid feeding and multiphase dry feeding

Pig Farm with dry feeding and multiphase dry feeding

Feed mill with Disc Mill SK10 and horizontal mixer

Farrowing section with dry feeding and complete climate solution


We have also had timelapse cameras set up during the construction of a feed barn in Denmark:

See a SKIOLD feed mill being built in 2 minutes here

In Latvia, we have built a feed mill with SK5000 and horizontal mixer, which you can see here::

Ulbroka, Letland 3D movie

In Lithuania, we have built a feed mill with two SK10 disc mills and a paddle mixer for the production of chicken feed:

AgroAves Group, Lithuania


In Australia we have build several exciting feed mills:

Mulgildie Feed Mill

Tong Park Feed Mill

You can see more here:

Piggery Plants and Mills - SKIOLD and VMS (vacmillsolutions.com.au)



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