The SKIOLD Group is looking for a new owner

A process has been initiated

The Hougaard family has owned the group for 90 years and three generations. The family announces that a new owner will be able to bring even more momentum to the group in Europe, the CIS countries, Asia, and Australia. A process has been initiated to find a new owner of SKIOLD Group. 

SKIOLD is a major global supplier of equipment and projects for animal feed production, grain cleaning and seed, and complete technology packages for pig farms. SKIOLD has subsidiaries in 10 countries in Europe, the CIS countries, Asia and Australia.

SKIOLD expects increasing activity and results in 2017 and the coming years, partly due to favorable outlook for development in many of our main markets. 

SKIOLD has been owned by the Hougaard family since 1927. Henrik Hougaard was the CEO of SKIOLD from 1986 to 2006, where Samuel Waldorph, co-owner together with other key employees, took over the daily management. Since then Henrik Hougaard has been chairman of the board of directors. 

"After 90 years and 3 generations of ownership, it is my own and my 3 children's assessment that a new owner with a different perspective and the ability to add new ideas and skills to the company will bring even more momentum to SKIOLD. It is not the plan to pass on the management responsibility within the family. In fact, the change of management happened 11 years ago when I resigned as CEO of SKIOLD and Samuel Waldorph took over. 

I must say that the management team of SKIOLD has done well, while the role of the family has been more withdrawn, "Henrik Hougaard says, and adds:" My children and I could continue as owners of SKIOLD for a good while yet, and the outlook has probably never been better than it is now. It is, however, my conviction that the future potential of the company is best secured under a new ownership with the skills and the financial strength to invest in and realize our ambitious growth strategy, thus taking SKIOLD to an even higher league."

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