The voice on the phone in 25 years

Today it has been 25 years since Johannes Kristensen set foot in the company that he has been a part of ever since.

Today it has been 25 years since Johannes Kristensen set foot in the company that he has been a part of ever since. A journey that has been characterized by a great deal of pride in his work and not the least the strong ties to the co-workers that he is surrounded by on a daily basis.

Even though a lot has happened to SKIOLD in the last 25 years, acquisition of several national and international competitors and a huge expansion on new markets and products, some things stay the same. One is the voice on the phone when customers call to ask about their dry feed equipment and systems.

The name is Johannes, and actually the boss had to put a little pressure on for this story to be told. It is by all means a very humble person, that describes the development of the company in a very calm way.

”I didn’t really start to notice all this new stuff until the new owners came along in 2017. Before then we didn’t try to make ourselves noticed and we mostly just minded our own business. It is probably not until this last year that I have noticed something going on in the company.” Says Johannes, who believes the large expansion has been great, but that it is the relationship to the colleagues that has kept him in the company for the 25 years.

”It has always been great here at SKIOLD, and i also believe that is because we have a very good tone around here.” he says. 


Starting in SKIOLD

The story begins in 1995 where Johannes actually started in another company that over the years became part of SKIOLD.

”I was employed as product manager of dry feeding systems at DATA Mix in Lind near Herning. They had also developed a liquid feeding system and this was actually the reason why both me and DATA mix became part of SKIOLD.”  

”Shortly after we had been acquired they started developing a new dry feed system, which is better known as our TransPork system today. I started up in sales, where I had to manage the support towards the customers.” Johannes Kristensen remembers.

The work with Transpork accelerated fast as the system was very popular among the costumers.

”When we started we had one sales man I was handling all phone contact. We must say we had a really good product that started selling more and more.” Johannes explains.

In 2000 SKIOLD takes over Echberg A/S in Them, as it was about to go out of business, and in 2006 the two departements were united on a new address. This meant that Johannes’ new workplace was La Cours Vej 1 in Ikast and he still remembers the move.

“We had to find a location that was close to both companies and that happened to be Ikast. Most of the people from Them left the company after a few years, but we managed to get some good buildings” says Johannes with a smile.

Now it has been 25 years and Johannes has been there all the way. He can look back at many milestones on the journey he and SKIOLD has been on, and an obvious question is how to play an active part in a company that ha in deed been developing almost since his very first day?

“You have to participate and get your hands on what is possible. You wont come very far if you let other people do the job. You have to be aware of new things and take part in what is going on.” Is the advice from Johannes.


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