SKIOLD Pig Management - Sows

SKIOLD Pig Management - Sows brings unrivalled transparency to the performance of your farm. Registration of events gather real‑time data – covering everything from mating, farrowing and weaning to medication and feed consumption of each sow – to let you know exactly what is happening on your farm, 24/7. SKIOLD Pig Management - Sows also facilitates in-depth analyses of your performance and monitors your progress towards your goals, keeping you up to date with your resources and deliveries on your farm.

With SKIOLD Pig Management - Sows, potential issues can be identified and solved immediately, at any time during the reproductive cycles. The result? You get the complete picture of the animal flow on your farm and you improve the performance of your herd.


SKIOLD Sow Management gives you:

  • Monitor your animal flow 24/7 and get guidance about performance figures.
  • Get end-to-end transparency and better quality of operation
  • Follow your animal’s journey through the farm and avoid unexpected surprises in all units.
  • Build customer trust with consistent data reliability.
  • Download all of your performance data into a single file.


Unique settings designed for your farm

With individual settings according to your farm, SKIOLD Pig Management - Sows lets you know what tasks to perform at a given time. In addition, production data and feed consumption data are fully integrated to let you know the exact performance of each individual animal.

  • Dashboard feature provides full overview of all sows and all units in relation to performance goals
  • Documentation of antibiotic consumption on individual and herd level
  • Integration of feed consumption data and production performance data
  • Stay informed for optimal logistics management


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