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Poultry feeding system

Optimal broiler and breeder pan feeding systems

An optimal production requires that the equipment is modern, efficient and easy to use - and ours is. At the end of the day you can trust us to install a house for you which is much more profitable, and which makes your daily operation much easier.

Broiler feeding

The patented pan feeding solution from SKIOLD LANDMECO increases growth rate and makes it more homogeneous and more efficient. With the unique design of the pan the chicks will learn correct feeding behavior from day one and the chicks will grow faster, hitting their target weight in less time, which makes the whole operation more profitable for you. The patented solutions from SKIOLD LANDMECO also secures an optimization of the performance and operational reliability through simple robust designs that always make a difference.

Breeder Feeding

SKIOLD LANDMECOs assortment within breeder feeding includes both pullet feeding, male feeding and female feeding. SKIOLD LANDMECOs male feeding allows the chain to run at very high speed. This ensures a rapid feed distribution and the simultaneous feeding of all cocks. SKIOLD LANDMECOs female feeding is based on SKIOLD LANDMECOs well-known chain feeding system and has two feed inlets for each circuit. The trough is raised and lowered automatically so that all birds are fed simultaneously. 

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