Precise separation of cereals and seed by length

The DAMAS HOTYP is a highly efficient separation machine designed to sort grains or seeds by length. Due to the unique geometry of the indentations in the screens, you can rely on DAMAS HOTYP to deliver extremely precise length separation which will help you maximise the amount of broken seeds removed from your crop.

DAMAS HOTYP indented cylinder machines are designed to precisely separate cereals and seeds by length (short or long).  It is designed for industrial use with a highly flexible modular system. The machine is fitted with a built-in two-way distributor in the outlet module for change-over of short and long material. 

The DAMAS HOTYP is designed to make sampling during operation easy and safe. You can also connect the DAMAS HOTYP to aspiration for 100 % dust-free operation.

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