Damas KIBAN clipper and de-awner

Easy cleaning and maintenance

The Damas Kiban is a steel construction fitted with a rotating shaft with steel pegs. This shaft is suspended from sturdy ball bearings. The top cover of the Kiban is equipped with clipper-de-awner cloth on the underside. Furthermore, the trough is reinforced with exchangeable steel wear plates. 

The long flap at the bottom runs the entire length of the machine and can be removed completely to make cleaning easier.

How it works

The material to be de-awned is led down to the inlet (1) and passes through the clipper-de-awner in the longitudinal direction. Here it is treated by the clipper/de-awner pegs (2) and the clipper/de-awner cloth under the cover (not shown). The material spirals towards the outlet (4), the size of which (and thus the clipper efficiency) is regulated by the flap (3) that runs along the whole bottom of the machine.

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