Damas SB table separator

Additional separation of cleaned grain or seed

Damas SB table – additional separation of cleaned grain or seed The SB table is designed to give a second separation by specific gravity of grain or seed by thickness and length. 

The SB table makes a sharp separation of the material into two fractions - usually a light one and a heavy one. Unlike other systems, the SB table is also capable of separating materials with the same gravity, but with different bouncing effect. 

The SB table separator considerably improves the quality of the final product, as it removes unwanted material such as grains without germination capacity, foreign grains, stones, unshelled material, ergots, hard grains from malt etc.

Your direct benefits

  • Sturdy and thoroughly tested driving arrangement
  • Highly reliable in operation
  • No intermediate fractions to be recycled
  • Higher capacity per compartment
  • No air supply needed
  • Low noise
  • Low power consumption
  • Stroke length can be adjusted during operation (optional feature)
  • Variable speed by frequency converter


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