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Gives information of the state of a machine

DamWatch is a system, which easily and clearly gives information of the state of a machine. DamWatch monitors e.g. the temperature of the main bearings, checks whether the wear coatings are intact and whether there are any obstacles to uninterrupted operation, etc.

DamWatch is a fully integrated system, which continuously monitors the machine and/or the total plant. In this way nobody needs to waste their time checking manually, whether or not the machine is in working order.

- Checks the bearings

- Checks the tension rods and springs

- Checks if the driving shafts are running

- Disconnects the machine in case of breakdown

- Checks if the motors are running

- Checks the supply of product into the machine

- Monitors all relevant things

 The DamWatch system is very flexible. It can be integrated into all new machines, and all existing machines can subsequently be provided with this system.


Sensors    Checking
Temperature sensors   Wear of bearings
Wear sensors   Wear of all parts in contact with product
Burst sensors   All parts that may break
Speed controllers   Motors, gears, fans, etc.
Full and empty indicators   Degree of filling of the bins before and after the machine