Hotyp - Indented cylinder

Precise separation of cereals and seed by length

The Hotyp is designed for precise separation of cereals and seed by length. Through this process, short and long grains are removed.

Separation by length is normally effected after screen and air cleaning.

The short grain indented cylinder is provided with stirrer for efficient separation, and the long grain indented cylinder is provided with optimizer for optimum exploitation of the cover area.

If both short and long grain separation is required, e.g. 2 indented cylinders can be located over each other so that the material is first short grain separated in the upper indented cylinder and then long grain separated in the lower indented cylinder.

The flexible modular design also permits custom-built arrangements with distribution indented cylinders for e.g. grass seed or with several parallel indented cylinders for malting barley or the like.

The Hotyp is designed for industrial operation. Flexible modular system. Built-in two-way distributor in the outlet module for change over of short and long material. Possibility of sampling. Connection to aspiration for dust-free operation. Material-repellent seals are approved for food. Electronic remote control of the trough (option).

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