Pigs on straw and liquid feed – “The trough is super because it stays clean.”

It has to be said: There is really nothing to complain about.

Earl Arth is a family business that adapts to its environment and invests. It is now developing its pig activity with the construction of an open building for breeding of pigs on straw. "I was one of the first to want to make pork based on straw and liquid feed, nobody believed in it," Vincent Arth explains to us. Recently, it meets the Schweitzer specifications, a reference for pig farming on straw, which also received the Animal Welfare Leadership Trophy in pig farming in October 2011.

Father and son Arth turned to SKIOLD for the liquid feed preparation and distribution system.

Easy-to-use products

At the beginning of the project, we knew very little about SKIOLD. We worked with the distributor Jean-Marie LOTZ. I trust him and I have never been disappointed. He advised us on SKIOLD's liquid feed preparation and distribution system. The proximity made us choose SKIOLD. The products also made the difference.

I discovered the Winfarm* automaton 4 years ago during yet another edition of SPACE. That's what I liked about SKIOLD. I found it really easy to use. Even my father, who is not too fond of computers, can use it! It can perform simple tasks.

I also really liked the SKIOLD Tristar sorting booth. Initially, I had a project to put in sorting booths. In fact, initially weaning had to be done every 6 weeks and the SKIOLD Tristar would have been perfect. But in the end we went for every 3 weeks with Schweitzer. The SKIOLD Tristar was simple unlike other systems that seemed very complicated.

The practicality of the Winfarm* liquid feed automaton

I particularly love the Winfarm automation for the stock management for silos. It's really convenient. I know exactly where I stand with my trucks for co-products. It must be said: In terms of operation there is really nothing to complain about.

The valorisation of my wet maize

What I appreciate is the valorisation of my wet maize. We are in an area where the maize grows very well. This year we had an average of 140 quintals in dry and without irrigation. In winter, it is true that the litter is not easy to keep clean, but the advantage of the liquid feed is that it enhances our many by-products. "

Like many breeders, the Arth family prefers wet maize for several reasons:

  • It can constitute 50-70% of the animals’ ration. Thus, maize is easy to use while allowing a better control of its cost price.
  • Maize retains all its nutritional properties and allows for a better digestibility of the ration. Maize retains a high nutritional value and guarantees nutritional security.

"What I also like is post-weaning. When the pigs arrive, I can never give 100% of the ration because the pigs have difficulties digesting it fully at the beginning. But today, I can decide to give 80% of the ration for two days to my pigs and gradually and automatically resume the normal curve.

A simple trough that stays clean

It's great because it stays clean. Previously, I had another trough which always had residue in it. And one day, during SPACE, I saw the Rotocuve in operation and I thought it was really great! I'm really happy with the system. It's simple, the trough is washed with water.

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Technical information

  • EARL Arth, Oberlauterbach

  • Crops (60 Ha), 1 building of 15,000 cockerels, 2 duck buildings and 25 nurse cows.

  • Liquid feed preparation and distribution: SKIOLD Rrotocuve, corn stockage, pump, fan and misting regulated by VisioVent regulation.

  • Fatteners: 360 PS places and 1000 fattening places

  • Annual production target: 3,150 porker


*Winfarm: This automaton corresponds to the previous version of the SKIOLD Distriwin

Installation by SKIOLD France dealer Jean-Marie LOTZ, Krautergerscheim

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