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Pig farm equipment

High quality and efficicient equipment for feeding, penning and climate

Whether you're working within weaners, finishers or sow units, SKIOLD have the right pig farm equipment for you. We always focuse on creating the best possible end result for the customer, so as to enhance customer competitiveness. The customer is the starting point for everything we do, both in our product development, procurement, construction and installation. The customer is in focus.

An optimal production requires that the pig farm equipment is modern, efficient and easy to use - and the logistics between the different housing sections are considered carefully so that production and daily operations run as efficiently as possible. At the end of the day you can trust SKIOLD to design and install a full line pig farm for you which is profitable, and makes your daily operation much easier.

Strong and durable equipment for pig farms

We offer full line pig farm equipment both within mating, gestation, farrowing, weaner and finisher units. All our pig farming solutions and equipment has been developed in cooperation with Danish pig producers based on decades of experience. Considerable emphasis has been placed on functionality, animal welfare, user-friendliness, quality and ease of cleaning.

The SKIOLD pig farm equipment are designed to offer the animals and the producer the best conditions throughout the complete process, which ensures flexibility, easy accessibility, easy animal monitoring, and optimal management possibilities.

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We offer a wide range of products and are able to meet your specific needs for any pig farm equipment. With decades of experience in complete solutions for full line pig farming, you can rely on our expertise to get you the solution best suited for you.

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