Digital Management and Controls

Transparency and full traceability of all processes of production is key to successful pig farm management.

SKIOLD provides you with a modularized pig management system that can be set up to meet your requirements for data. A personalized, role-based user interface allows you, farm management and staff to monitor all processes in the farm.

The system gives you complete overview of the entire farm or production facility. All production data in gathered in one single management platform for your comprehensive
analysis and daily management of all aspects of your production. This assists you in performing better as you have instant access to real-time data about everything
from feed and climate to animal performance.

Data will give the operator the necessary overview and possibility to optimize every step of the workflow and allows you to monitor your production, compare performance between production units and forecast production as well. 

Animal welfare with SKIOLD Digital Management

Our pig feeding controls make effective feeding advanced without being complicated. We have a number of pig feeding control systems from a simple standard system to more advanced systems and multiphase feeding systems.

You can control that the animals are fed with the precise feed quality and correct nutritional feed based on their need in order to ensure optimal health and growth. Easy and effective monitoring makes it possible to follow the animals growth and wellbeing and make improving of animal welfare even easier.

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