SKIOLD multipork dry feeding control system

Dry feeding controls

SKIOLD has several different solutions for optimal control of your dry feeding. MultiPork can be connected to an inductive sensor for extra safety when using the motorized hopper. MultiPork is able to control systems with automatic feed release functions. It also comes with a built-in fully automatic "Flow Time Control" being very suitable for systems with dispensers or alternative systems where the feeding requirements have only small deviations in the feed consumption from time to time.

Through the completion detector, the system will learn the required feed quantity, and disconnect the motorized hopper in time to avoid filling of the feed circuit before the next feeding. This reduces load and wear to the system, and an extra completion detector can be saved.

The control panels for TransPork® consist of 3 basic units, which can be combined and extended with a series of modules - a flexible program of control units to be tailored individually and thus meet the demands from each farmer. All 3 controls have an alarm for motor overload protection and wrong cable tension with the emphasis on simple and user friendly front panel. TransPork 0 M is a simple panel to control all sorts of ad-lib systems as well as dispenser systems with a manual release. Combining this panel with a motorized hopper, it can almost empty the feed circuit by means of a double-sensor-system (two completion detectors) and thus avoid starting up the system with full contents of feed.