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Reliable protection against vira and bacteria in your pig house

The importance of safe protection against vira and bacteria in your pig house is enormous,…

Let Service become an integral part of a strong supply chain

The resilience of a supply chain has never been more prominent or necessary, and although…

Asia sets new standards with SKIOLD

It's no secret that markets are changing, and demand is doing the same. It also turned out…

The voice of SKIOLD

On a daily basis, they are a particularly dynamic duo, each contributing with different pe…

From study job to first employment

With a dream of being able to make use of his professionalism and influence the business d…

The man of ideas who found his calling

For many, youth is associated with a time when we are still searching for answers to which…

An eye for the bigger picture

Louise Houbak-Jensen starts her life in a small town outside Oslo. Due to work, the father…

Developing the agricultural supply chains

Originally, he was employed in sales when he started at SKIOLD, in a business unit that at…

Grand Opening of Hanh Phuc Rice, Vietnam

It is with pride that we together with Tan Long Group have launched Hanh Phuc Rice Mill, t…

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VisioVent PC

VisioVent PC to support VisioVent ventilation control.

When it comes to your operating mode - we are on guard.

Ensuring a stable and smooth operation of your Seed cleaning systems could be a challengin…

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Cleaning and sorting that maximizes your productivity.

Focus on the management of your raw materials can be an important step when it comes to ob…

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Explore the SKIOLD Circle

Visit our world of unique technologies and innovative solutions...

SKIOLD companies merge into one

In 2019, SKIOLD A/S in Sæby, which among other things produces equipment and technological…

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New milestones for SKIOLD LANDMECO

With more than a doubling of the results from 2019, new milestones have been set at Skiold…

Optimization and value creation for the agricultural supply chain

The agricultural sector has a complex supply chain.

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Production Manager - your end-to-end feed production solution

Gather all your tasks for your feed production in a system with Production Manager from SK…

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SKIOLD signs contract with KH Lin

SKIOLD signed contract with KH Lin Farm on creating its first full-line turnkey pig farm i…

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Optimal feeding 24/7/365

Digitally data based precision feeding for a better performance of your animals.

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The future calls for new environmental technologies

With focus on sustainability and future-proof solutions that increase your yield and reduc…

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Three ways to optimize grain cleaning

Mads Rauff, owner of Sjørup Pig Production, and the manager Brian Søndergaard has implemen…

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Reduce mycotoxin level by up to 90%

Get the best results by cleaning and sorting crops and grain

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Updated Pig Management for Sows

SKIOLD Pig Management for sows - your 24/7 on farm visibility assistant

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We join forces on our social platforms

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Hanh Phuc Rice

Installation of the largest paddy rice handling and storage facility in Vietnam

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Successful milk production in South East Asia

Producing its own feed increased yield and reduced costs for feed by up to 60%

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At SKIOLD we are just as ready to create results as you are!

The future belongs to those who dare to see straight into its eyes - and we do at SKIOLD.

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SKIOLD expands collaboration with PE Service

SKIOLD GROUP has expanded its partnership with PE Services in Ireland, which is involved i…

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SKIOLD introduced to the Taiwanese cattle market

Last week, SKIOLD Cattle was introduced to an assembly of Taiwanese cattle producers durin…

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SKIOLD signs strategic partnership alliance with Hong Lai Huat Group

An important step in the continued development of the SKIOLD GROUP activities in Asia

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SKIOLD has acquired Rotecna

A new strong partnership in delivery of complete pig farm solutions

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Development of pen design on the drawing board

SKIOLD Farm is part of the development of new designs for free farrowing sows. Aquiring ne…

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Cattle barns from A-Z

A well-considered total integration created on the basis of the highest expertise.

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Make room to move forward

We have developed some of the most recognized and modern farrowing pens. Beautiful designs…

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Keep your solutions safe with SKIOLD System Backup

Minimize the risk of operational loss with the new SKIOLD System Backup program for Distri…

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See our new movie from what will become one of the largest pig farms in Denmark

Prima Svin have chosen to plan their project expansion with SKIOLD

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Remove up to 90% mycotoxins from your grain

and add value to your business

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Leading pork producer in Chile chooses SKIOLD feed mill

Choice of SKIOLD feed mill reduces cost of pig feed with 1.2 mio US dollars annually

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SKIOLD GROUP has appointed a new CEO

We are pleased to announce that SKIOLD GROUP has appointed Søren Overgaard as new CEO

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SKIOLD Coronavirus Information

With SKIOLD and our subsidiaries at home and abroad we take the Corona situation extremely…

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SKIOLD signs Strategic Partnership Alliance in Taiwan

The Trade Council of Denmark in Taipei, Taiwan, hosted the signing of a “Strategic Partner…

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When the worst happens

On the night of September 19th, a grain dryer catches fire on a pig farm in northern Swede…

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New company structure in SKIOLD China

We are happy to announce the appointment of Sussie Ketit as Managing Director of SKIOLD Ch…

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Sustainable farming at Livestock Taiwan

SKIOLD Regional Director Dr. Sussie Ketit will share how smart farming can achieve sustain…

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Leong Hup Agribusiness Sdn Bhd signs agreement with SKIOLD

For feeding solution for their new double storey poultry farm in Malaysia

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Yunlin Broiler Farm - New broiler farm

330 Landmeco Feeding Pan for better growth

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SKIOLD signs first full-line contract on a pig farm

With HEMMAY Internationl Corp. in Taiwan

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Sao Mai Group signed MOU with SKIOLD

Biggest modern paddy storage & rice mill plant - 1 mio tons rice yearly

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SKIOLD signs partnership agreement in Vietnam

With ‘build and design’ contractor HICON

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New project for a 30 tons/hour feed factory

See a coming project for a great customer

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Introducing SKIOLD Damas PS110 Pre-cleaner

Now we are introducing the 100 tons/hour version

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SKIOLD wins order in Taiwan

Liquid Feeding System to pig farm

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SKIOLD Partners up with NS BlueScope Lysaght Vietnam

To develop modern and future-proof solutions for poultry and livestock farming

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SKIOLD expands business in South East Asia

Welcome to Sussie Ketit as part of the SKIOLD team

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New feed factory in Vietnam

Annual production of 500,000 tons pig feed

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Yet another exciting project

It´s hard not to be stunned by this large feed mill project - also with train station

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SKIOLD digital® - intelligent data platform for agriculture

SKIOLD digital® gathers, analyse and helps to manage farms

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New Danish designed state-of-the-art penning solutions

Innovating module system optimizes both climate and hygiene

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SKIOLD supplies a new 25 th feed production plant

For the largest and most advanced cow farm in South East Asia

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SKIOLD & LANDMECO signs first broiler project

For a farm with 14 broiler houses for 490,000 birds

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Introducing SKIOLD Damas PS100 Pre-cleaner

Unique design brings exceptional capacity

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SKIOLD signs strategic partnership agreement with TAN LONG GROUP

Agreement for advanced solutions and equipment for a pig farm and paddy rice silos

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SKIOLD & Hanh Phuc Rice Jsc. have signed a contract

for the largest paddy rice handling and storage facility in Vietnam

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Feed mill construction - Russia

A great feed mill plant from SKIOLD is progressing as planned

SKIOLD A/S acquires Landmeco A/S

Largest producer of poultry equipment in Scandinavia

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Wheat plant - Mongolia

Damas cleaning plant

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Stauning Whisky chooses SKIOLD - again

SKIOLD is going to supply stage 2

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SKIOLD DistriWin Management System

Increases productivity whilst minimizing feed costs

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SKIOLD EatTime Advanced

System that optimizes the feed based on the pig’s circadian rhythm

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New pig farm with liquid feeding

Danish farmer inaugurate new large pig farm

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SKIOLD continues expansion in Asia & Oceania

New markets and more employees

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Mycotoxins removal

Reduce mycotoxins and use of toxin binders

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New feed mill contract

12 tons/hour total solution for Carniprod

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Stauning Whisky

- with a touch of SKIOLD

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Opening of Agroaves

Official opening with the top politicians of feed mill for poultry

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SKIOLD has been acquired

By the Scandinavian Investment Company, Solix Group

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Third contract to same Vietnamese client

Full-line pig farm

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Feed mill for poultry

Saves 12 % on feed costs

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SKIOLD Vietnam expands

Moving to larger offices - still in Ho Chi Minh City

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SKIOLD wins two large orders

Enormous projects in Russia - 42.000 finishers

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SKIOLD wins award

Danish Agriculture and Food Council award Growth Prize to SKIOLD

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Swedish customer expanding

With a feed mill for 28.000 pigs

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Feed mill project in Australia

Watch our 10 tons/hour feed mill at Mulgildie Qld

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SKIOLD has been awarded a contract in major EU tender

Complete experimental plant for animal feed

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Barenbrug expand their grass seed factory

Doubling their current SKIOLD Damas solution

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Lundegaard farm extends

To a total of 30,000 finisher pigs.

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DLG – the largest farm supply company in Europe

Uses SKIOLD Damas seed processing solutions

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Trend in pig farming

Phase feeding is in progress

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French farmer chooses SKIOLD

Feed mill for dairy cattle

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SKIOLD signs contract for feed mill and grain cleaning

For broilers and sows

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One of Denmark’s historic manors are expanding

And has chosen SKIOLD as their supplier

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Trends in feed manufacturing

Increase in farmers wishing to produce their own feed

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Two new contracts in Vietnam

Both second time clients

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SKIOLD is growing both on the top and bottom line

SKIOLD, one of the largest Danish owned companies, publish annual report

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SKIOLD signs fourth contract with large Russian customer

The project is a full line farm with silos, feeding system and penning solution.

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Our new warehouse and office space in Australia is nearing completion

This extension will double the size of our warehouse space

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Chinese customer chooses SKIOLD again

Full-line project for 4.000 sows

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The way we develop innovative products in SKIOLD

User driven development

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One of the largest pig breeders chooses SKIOLD

Total solution including Multi-phase dry feeding system to reduce use of zinc

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Industrial feed manufacturer reduces power consumption by 50%

Per ton feed manufactured on the disc mill compared to the hammer mill

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SKIOLD delivers to second largest poultry producer

We have won a contract to deliver a total feed mill solution to poultry producer in Lithua…

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New contract for feeding system for 38.000 sows

Farms will be built in 9 stories with 1.000 sows on each storey

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Russian national TV cover opening of feed milling plant

Complete 12 tons/hr feed milling plant

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On-farm service concept

SKIOLD is introducing a new service concept with on-farm service

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Norway - liquid feeding

300 pig farms with liquid feeding from SKIOLD

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Phew, we made it before the very cold Russian winter

We are setting up a 12 tons/hr feed milling plant and a 20,000 tons silo plant with grain…

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Jojoba oil from the world's largest supplier

We have signed a contract with Jojoba Israel LTD.

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SKIOLD continues the growth in Vietnam

Third contract to same customer

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SKIOLD Virtual Reality

We present the latest technology in Virtual Reality and 3D photography

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We are expanding - in Australia

We have bought more land and expand the existing facilities

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The SKIOLD Sigma reduces mycotoxins with up to 90%

Sigma – the only machine in the World to reduce mycotoxins in grain significantly

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Intelligent big data platform for fast insights

DistriWin gives you a complete overview of the farm

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New Australian customer - for cattle feed

SKIOLD has sold a feed mill plant for an Australian customer

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Ratanui Farm in New Zealand

See how Ratanui Farm has gained a competitive advantage

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3rd family generation

We meet international SKIOLD customers with a unique story

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Top Trend in Danish Farming

Largest increase since the 1990's

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Save up to 70%

Ventilation is a huge power guzzler in your pig farm

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Optimizes the feed

SKIOLD EatTime optimizes the feed based on the animal’s circadian rhythm

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Innovative pig farmer overwhelms the Minister

The largest project sold by SKIOLD A/S in Latvia has been opened

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Great demand for World´s largest Disc Mill

With a capacity of 30 tons per hour

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New warehouse at SKIOLD

SKIOLD has taken a new 3000 m2 large warehouse in Sæby into use.

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SKIOLD sells everywhere – Down Under as well

SKIOLD has started well in 2016 with a historically large volume of orders

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SKIOLD establishes company in Ukraine

Farmers in Ukraine will now have easier access to Danish equipment from SKIOLD

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Ventilation test of PM motor

Our PM motor has an energy saving of up to 70%

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