Looking for an efficient and reliable way to feed your loose sows in group pens?

Look no further than SKIOLD's Sow Feeding systems

Discover the future of sow feeding with SKIOLD's Cutting-Edge Technologies. Below we have gathered key information about three of our sow feeding solutions.  

Just because the system is advanced it does not have to be difficult to use. Simplicity is at the core of SKIOLD’s solutions.


Electronic Sow Feeding (ESF) System 

Are you seeking an efficient and reliable solution for feeding loose sows in group pens? SKIOLD's Electronic Sow Feeding (ESF) system is your answer. Our robust feed station is meticulously designed to elevate feed efficiency, enhance animal welfare, and provide unparalleled ease of use. As the preferred choice for pig producers looking to revolutionize their operations, our ESF system offers versatility with options for constant or dynamic groups. 

Features That Set Us Apart 

  • Constant or Dynamic Groups: Choose the grouping strategy that aligns with your operational preferences. 
  • Collaboration with VSP: Developed in cooperation with The Danish Knowledge Centre for Pigs (VSP), our ESF system ensures good practice conditions for gilts, setting the foundation for optimal sow nutrition. 

How Does It Work? 

  • Sequential Feeding: Each sow is served sequentially at the same station. 
  • Individualized Feed Allotment: Computer-controlled feeders allocate precise feed amounts based on parity, condition, and gestation/lactation stage. 
  • Automated Cleaning System: A built-in system rinses the trough after each feeding, maintaining hygiene standards. 
  • Entrance Gate Control: The entrance gate locks during feeding to prevent competition and stress among sows. 


  • Improved feed efficiency 
  • Enhanced animal welfare 
  • User-friendly design 
  • Flexible setup options 
  • Suitable for dry and liquid feeding 
  • Robust construction for longevity 

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You can read more about our ESF system here.  


SKIOLD SmartFeeder - Intelligent Feeding for Farrowing Sows 

Unlock the Potential of Your Sows with SKIOLD SmartFeeder, a cutting-edge solution designed to cater to the individual needs of farrowing sows. Our intelligent feed dispenser, integrated with the Distriwin controller, optimizes feed intake for increased piglet production and faster weight gain. 

Innovative Features 

  • Dynamic Feed Curve: Adjust feed allocation based on sow behaviour and requirements. 
  • Independent Water Curve: Ensure proper hydration with customizable water curves. 
  • Different Recipes: Tailor feeding plans with varied recipes for optimal nutrition. 
  • Trough Sensor (Optional): Enhance precision with an optional trough sensor. 

How Does It Benefit You? 

  • Farrowing Process Optimization: Mitigate the risk of farrowing fever by adapting feeding plans to critical phases. 
  • Post-Farrowing Nutrition: Initiate feeding according to a restricted feed curve, gradually transitioning to ad libitum based on trough sensors. 
  • Simple Handling: Enjoy easy maintenance with no air cylinders and a design focused on simplicity. 

Experience the future of sow feeding with SKIOLD SmartFeeder. Contact us for more information or to schedule a personalized demonstration. 

Are you looking for a comprehensive solution which includes both the SKIOLD SmartFeeder and a pig pen? Then check out the SKIOLD SmartDos below.  

You can read more about our SKIOLD SmartFeeder here. 

SKIOLD SmartDos - Precision Feeding for Loose, Gestating Sows 

Introducing SKIOLD SmartDos, an advanced feeding system meticulously crafted for loose, gestating sows. Elevate your herd's nutrition and performance with our innovative solution by getting a comprehensive solution with a SKIOLD SmartFeeder In combination with a pig pen. 

Key Features 

  1. Precision Feeding: Individualized control based on ear tag recognition, ensuring each sow receives the correct ration. 
  1. Customizable Feed Curves: Manage multiple feed curves within the system, adapting to sow age and body type. 
  1. Enhanced Animal Welfare: Large group housing promotes natural movement and socialization for happier, healthier sows. 
  1. Stress-Free Feeding Events: Protect each sow during feeding events, minimizing stress for improved feed utilization. 


Elevate Your Feeding Practices Today! 

Don't miss out on the transformative benefits of SKIOLD SmartDos feeding system. Experience the power of precision feeding, enhanced animal welfare, and elevated herd performance. Contact us now to learn more or schedule a demonstration tailored to your farm's needs.  

You can read more about SKIOLD SmartDos here