Electronic Sow Feeding

SKIOLD is a specialist in electronic sow feeding of loose sows

Electronic Sow Feeding of loose sows (ESF) is one of the most prevalent systems in Danish pig production. SKIOLD has designed and developed a sturdy electronic feed station which makes a difference for feed efficiency, animal welfare and ease of use. Our electronic sow feeder is ideal for feeding of loose sows in group pens based on their requirements with focus on high animal welfare. You can choose between our dry feeding or liquid feeding system.

The SKIOLD ESF feeder is a robust, sturdy station that can withstand the rough conditions in the housings and is designed to keep the sows calm and comfortable and support their productivity and minize removals caused by injuries.

There are different setup for the Electronic Sow Feeder as you can have the sows either in constant or dynamic groups. Constant groups are typically formed by one weekly team once and for all. This way, the dominance hierarchy fights will only happen once in the sows' gestation period.

Dynamic groups are formed on a continual basis, where new sows are introduced with fixed intervals. SKIOLD continuously develops the ESF management strategies. The key to success with ESF in the gestation areas is to establish good practice conditions for the gilts before they are placed in the gestation area.

How Electronic Sow Feeding works:

The sows eat sequentially, one after the other, from the same station. Once a sow enters the station the entrance gate locks behind her and she is identified by means of a transponder in her ear tag. The computer-controlled feeder allots her a specific amount of feed, dropped into the feed through over a limited period of time. A built-in cleaning system automatically rinses the trough after each feeding. During the feed drop, and for several minutes afterward, the entrance gate remains locked so that other sows may not enter. The SKIOLD Electronic Sow Feeder allots precise, individual feed based on parity, condition and stage of gestation or lactation and ensures that the sows get the correct nutritional feed based on her needs.

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