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Seed processing

SKIOLD Damas provides complete seed processing plants

SKIOLD Damas is specializing in seed and grain cleaning, grading and processing, optimized crop yield, and offer a large diversity of cleaning and grading machines for all kinds of grain, seed, and pulses. To know how to clean and grade seeds and grain requires certain expertise, which SKIOLD Damas has gained since its formation in 1863. With a combination of leading-edge technology, depth of experience and broad knowledge, SKIOLD Damas offers large and small projects, tailored to meet the requirements of our customers.

As a worldwide supplier to the seed market, SKIOLD Damas also holds a complete product programme of machines, making us able to design and build turn-key plants that not only is world class on the component level, but also second to none in turn-key plants ensuring purity and uniformity in size and shape.

We are handling the entire process from top to bottom - starting with development, right down to procurement and production -everything is completed at the SKIOLD Damas own factories giving you the best product - tested and proven by SKIOLD Damas.

What sets SKIOLD Damas apart from the rest is the approach we take with our clients. SKIOLD Damas considers our clients as partners with whom we have a common mission to deliver the best possible solution on time and on budget.

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High quality in sorting and grading

We ensure the quality of your grain and seeds

Grass seed cleaning

Experts in grass seed

Paddy industrial plant in Malaysia

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