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Cleaning and sorting of grass seed of 3.5 tons / hour

This is an example of a grass seed plant with a capacity of 3.5 tons per hour. This solution consists of below mentioned products optimized for the high demands of quality grass seed. The challenge by cleaning and grading grass seed is the very low weight, and the machines have to be extremely precise.

Besides the challenge of dealing with very light seeds, we also often have a challenge dealing with any different types of grass seeds in the grass seed production plant, this can be over 150 types of grass, and we need very quick change overtime, which the SKIOLD Damas solution can handle.

Products, ideal solution for light seeds like grass:

SKIOLD Damas OMEGA (pre-cleaner and fine cleaner)

Unique machine with high grading efficiency with ease of operation, significantly reduced air exhaust and power consumption.

SKIOLD Damas HAMBO (brushing machine)

The Hambo by Damas is a sturdy scarifier for grass or clover seeds.

SKIOLD Damas HOTYP (indented cylinders)

Highly efficient separation machine designed to sort by length. Due to the unique geometry of the indentations in the screens, you can rely on DAMAS HOTYP to deliver extremely precise length separation, which maximises the amount of broken seeds removed from your crop.

SKIOLD Damas Bagging off solution

Solution designed specific to the end user

SKIOLD Damas Control systems

Flexible monitoring of the operational state of any SKIOLD Damas machine

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