Want to optimize your feed production and maximize your animal's growth and health?

Look no further than SKIOLD Disc mills!

The SKIOLD Disc mills are the ultimate solution for poultry and pig farms looking to optimize their feed production! With award-winning technology and thousands of mills in operation worldwide, SKIOLD is a trusted name in the industry.

Capable of producing over 20 million tonnes of feed annually, the SKIOLD Disc mills are suitable for grinding a wide variety of raw materials, including pellets up to 12mm in diameter. One of the standout features of the SKIOLD Disc mill is its ability to vary the grinding degree during operation, allowing for optimized feed structures for different animal groups.

With an exceptionally low noise level, long-lasting wearing parts, and high capacity with low power consumption, the SKIOLD Disc mill is the ultimate addition to any feed production plant. Its compact construction allows for easy integration into new or existing facilities, making it a flexible and versatile solution.

See how this translates into efficiency and durability below. 

SKIOLD Disc Mill Advantages highlighted

High Capacity: 

  • Four inlet valves to mix and grind your seeds at the same time 
  • Capacity varies from 1,000 to 12,000 kg/h for wheat 
  • Optimal mill capacity ensured through SKIOLD’s Augers frequency control system 

Low power consumption: 

  • Powerful electric engine 
  • Typically only 5kWh per ground tonne (10% less than the most efficient hammer mill in Denmark), ensuring optimal cost reduction over the life of your equipment 


  • Each set of discs can grind 10,000 – 25,000 tonnes of grain until spare parts are needed, dependent on size of mill 
  • Disc mills active components have been tested to be nearly 3x as hard as a traditional hammer mills ensuring a long life  

Low noise: 

  • Powerful electric motor 
  • You want a picture to paint in your head? Imagine the noise level similar to an alarm clock ringing, compared to a traditional mill being a petrol lawn mower 

 Other benefits: 

  • Size of milled grain can be changed manually or through our automated system 
  • Compact size allows an easy fit into new or existing plants 
  • Optimal feed structure or all animal groups 
  • Suitable for various raw materials, including pellets up to 12mm 
  • Options for larger engine power for each model 
  • Minimal dust is created 


Overall, the SKIOLD Disc mill is a highly efficient and durable solution for feed production, offering a range of benefits to poultry and pig farms seeking to optimize their feed production processes.


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