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Seed solutions from SKIOLD Damas

Individually designed and constructed specifically to meet our customers’ detailed demands

To know how to clean and grade cereal and seeds requires very wide know-how and experience which SKIOLD Damas have gained through wide international activity and built upon since the foundation. With a combination of leading edge technology and wide know-how of cleaning in practice SKIOLD Damas can offer large and small projects, tailored to meet the requirements and wishes of our customers.

SKIOLD Damas has experience and knowledge in how to clean and grade all available grain, seed and pulses and thereby achieve the highest possible grading standards and highest possible germination standards.

Seed project procedure

The first step to ensure a successful SKIOLD Damas solution is an analysis focusing on the customer’s needs and future goals. Starting a project correctly makes all the difference. Our goal is to deliver a solution that develops our customer’s business, and we use both in-house and external experts to secure the best solution. The result is a tailor-made, future-proof solution adjusted to the specific conditions, which reduces operating costs, optimizes quality, and gives you a competitive advantage.

Our team of experienced supervisors manages the installation process. They ensure that the time schedule is on track and that all project specifications are followed.

We take responsibility - a SKIOLD project is never completed before the plant is operating satisfactorily.

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