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Gestation crates

Solutions for a successful pig production

In mating and gestation units, the sows spend the most of their reproductive life, and it is in these sections that the creation of good results throughout the
sow team is created. Well-designed mating and gestation units provide optimal conditions for reproduction, ensure good animal welfare and provide good working conditions for the staff.

Mating and gestation units are designed with focus on animal flow and logistics in the herd and may be adapted to integration of young females. The units are subjected to huge impact and strain from the animals, thus great demands on strength and durability of the housing system in these sections.

The mating unit can be adapted to individually housed sows or for loose housed sows. Individual housing of the sows is a space-saving and reliable system, providing a good overview of all animals. In a loose housed system, where the sows are housed in groups, the unit can be organised with crates, allowing the sows freedom to enter and exit the crates when needed. Loose housed systems should be established with focus on non-slip surfaces in the resting and activity area, preventing injuries when the sows are interacting with each other.

The gestation unit is to be adapted for loose sows in groups, taking the sows' natural social behavior into account. The individual pens are to be designed with a clean and dry resting area as well as an activity and manure area. The pens can be designed with low placed resting walls to ensure good resting facilities for all sows, and to ensure better manure behavior, thus an optimized pen hygiene. 

Pen design

The design of a pen has great influence on the performance and well-being of the pigs. A good pen design facilitates high level of productivity by providing the pigs with good access to feed and water and features that support their natural and social behavior. Pen design also makes a difference to the staff and the right design makes the work load easier and more efficient. 


Water is important - and especially for the sow as water consumption has a direct impact on the gestation period. Therefore, both accessibility and water quality and quantity have an impact on production efficiency. Several factors affect the water requirement, i.e. the composition of feed, the general health and temperature and climate conditions. Water can be supplied via AquaLevel with big trough, drinking valves or cups. In general, a gestating sow needs 12-20 litres of water per day

Ventilation, heating and cooling

The climate in the mating and gestation unit is of great importance for the wellbeing and health of the animals. Therefore SKIOLD continuously work to minimize energy consumption and optimize reliability for all our climate systems. SKIOLD is a total supplier of ventilation for pig farms; negative pressure, equal pressure, diffuse pressure, combi-diffuse as well as tunnel ventilation. The SKIOLD VisioVent controls all climate solutions covering diffuse ventilation, controlled air intake, tunnel and combi-tunnel ventilation, as well as heating, soaking, high pressure cooling and sprinkling.


The flooring has great impact on the health and well-being of your animals in the pen, but it can also impact the behavior of the pigs. The floor can be combined in many different ways to take the pigs, the staff and the environment into consideration and what is the right solution is not always the same from farm to farm.