Pig pens

SKIOLD provides high-quality, durable pig equipment that is animal-friendly and easy to clean with good access to feed and water.

Our penning systems take all aspects of pig production into account, such as flooring, housing design and materials, water supply and, above all, animal welfare.

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Good design for high performance, well-being and working environment

The design of a pen has a major impact on pig performance and well-being. A good pen design promotes high productivity levels by providing pigs with good access to feed and water and features that support their natural and social behaviour. Pen design also makes a difference for staff, and the right design makes workflow easier and more efficient.

The correct choice of materials influences the results of your production

The material used in pens has a huge impact on the lifespan and durability of the equipment. It also plays a big role in pig health, as easy-to-clean materials improve hygiene in the pen and reduce the risk of disease transmission between pens.

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