Accessories for sows, weaners and finishers

Many different features can be implemented in the pen design to create the right environment for the pigs. Wooden blocks, straw racks, rubber mats, additional drinkers etc. can meet the natural behavior and needs of the pigs and improve performance by eliminating negative behaviour and enhancing the stimulation from the environment.

Rooting and enrichment material

Rooting and enrichment material must be placed in the pen so that the pigs will have permanent access to a sufficient amount of straw or other manipulable material.

The need can be met by using:

  • Rooting and enrichment pipe for wooden logs (160 mm x 800 mm)
  • BoxToy, various wooden blocks for mounting on the pen
  • Straw racks of galvanized steel
    • double straw rack with one half mounted on each side of the pen wall
    • double straw rack with plastic gable, to slide over the pen wall

Another way to establish rooting material is to allocate the feed by using SKIOLD Jyden's Swing and Maximat feeders!