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Complete feed mill solutions

SKIOLD supplies feed mills from complete feed mill or a small farm installation

SKIOLD has many years of experience with sales and projecting of feed mills with capacities ranging from a few t/h to 30-40 t/h all over the world - from small farm plants to large industrial plants. No matter where in the world and no matter which requirements the client may have to the new plant, SKIOLD has a matching solution.

To obtain capacities higher than that, e.g. 80 t/h, a basic plant of 40 t/h will typically be extended with a second parallel production line. Intake/cleaning and possibly dosing will be common, supplying the two production lines with separate mixing, possibly pelleting, and handling of ready feed functions.

SKIOLD feed mills are batching plants, usually 1-3 tons per batch up to 5-6 tons per batch, normally with 8-12 batches/h. With a 3 tons batch system, the capacity will be 30 t/h with 10 batches/h. With 4-6 tons/batch, the capacity will be 40-60 t/h. The tendency goes towards more batches/h – up to 15-20. However, this gives a batch time of only 3-4 min., and this puts high demands on dosing speed, grinding capacity and conveying capacity.

Full traceability

Every function in the plant is controlled automatically via the control system. The control system can include traceability. Full traceability requires that the plant is designed for it. This includes among others a storage system with the possibility of dividing the incoming materials into lots, which are marked with e.g. a number for unique recognition. The plant must be designed in such a way that it is possible to follow these batches throughout the production process, in order for the control system to keep track of the batches.


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