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For more than 140 years, we have been helping customers be successful. Here we have gathered some of our installations.
Explore the collection – big and small, global and local. We have more installation all over the world, so if you don't find what you search for, please feel free to contact us.


Pilmico Feed Milling Plant

including a complete aquaculture feed processing plant

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Hanh Phuc Rice

The largest paddy rice handling and storage facility in South East Asia

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Three ways to optimize grain cleaning

At Sjørup Pig Production they have implemented three new initiatives to achieve better results by cleaning the grain

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Cleaning of cereals at DLG Seed in Hoerning, Denmark

About higher efficiency and better working environment

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Producing its own feed for dairy cattle results in increased yield

and costs cut up to 60% of the price from external feed suppliers

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Leading pork producer in Chile chooses SKIOLD feed mill

and reduce cost for pig feed with 1.2 mio US dollars annually

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Huge building under construction in Denmark

for weaners and sows: Prima Svin A/S is ready for stage 2 of building farm units in cooperation with SKIOLD

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Feed mill for poultry, Denmark

Reduction of feed costs and complete control over feed quality

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Silo storage facility for grain and feedstuffs

Danish designer and manufacturer of bulk handling solutions

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Seed processing plant - Ukraine

OILYAR processes rapeseed, soybean and sunflower

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Feed production for fattening and weaning of calves, Italy

Italian Zoogamma choses SKIOLD SK10T disc mill

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Pig farms - Vietnam

Hung Vuong Group - 3 x pig farms with 2500 sows

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Feed factory for pigs - Romania

Annual production of 600,000 finishers

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Feed mill - 30 tons/hour Vietnam

500,000 tons pig feed

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Feed Milling Plant for Poultry Feed, Sweden

Reduction of feed costs - improved control of feed quality - high accuracy

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Feed factory for pigs - Croatia

8 tons/hour - Higher efficiency - Less labor force - Working satisfactory also after 8 years

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Biosecurity and traceability of high importance

Complete green field project with both pig farm with 16,000 sows, 22 tons/hour SKIOLD feed mill and a modern slaughterhouse

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Feed factory for poultry - Romania

New feed mill with pelleting - increased demand in Romania for poultry feed

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Feed mill for pigs - Russia

World class vertically integrated swine manufacturer Otrada

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Feed mill for pigs - Australia

Achieved more than 600.000 Euro in annual profit from a co-operative model of a SKIOLD feed mill

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Sustainable and profitable feed production of pig feed

with a SKIOLD Feed Mill solution in France

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Feed mill for poultry, France

The feed mill has resulted in better results as regards productivity and quality of the eggs

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Feed mill for cattle feed - Bulgaria

Feed costs decreased 20% and yield per cow increased from 26-28.3 liter per day

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AgroAves Group - Lithuania

Feed mill project for poultry feed 15 t/h including grain handling, cleaning, drying and storage


Feed Mill Projects

View some of our feed mill projects in virtual reality

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Danish Pig Farm Projects

View some of our pig farm projects in virtual reality

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Feed mill for 1400 Dairy cattle | Andekærgaard in Denmark

Healthier cows and with that, higher yields

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Feed mill solution for calves | 2500 heads

Advantages of customized feed for the calves

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Civagaard Pig Farm Project | Denmark

The entire chain from weaners to finishers

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Thien Thuan Tuong Group - Vietnam    

Electronic Sow Feeding in Vietnam

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Tybjerggaard - Largest breeder in Denmark

Customer since 2005

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VPF Group in Thailand

Pig farm customer since 1994

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Fustero Ganadera farm - Spain

Pig farm customer since 2008 has choosen SKIOLD ESF feeding of their sows

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ROYAL Barenbrug expand their factory in Denmark

Doubling their current SKIOLD Damas solution

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Clarrich Farm, Australia

3 tonne SKIOLD liquid feeding system for the growing progeny of 1000 sow farm

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DLG – the largest farm supply company in Europe

Seed processing - 85 tons/hour

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Feed mill for pigs, Russia

Feed solution up to 15 tons/feed hour and full line pig farm for 5000 sows

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Premium Porc Group

Produces 105.000 tons feed each year - uses SKIOLD service concept

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Pig farm in Latvia with 1100 sows

and complete feed mill production 7 tons/hour - see the feed mill in Virtual Reality

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Ratanui Farm in New Zealand

See how Ratanui Farm has obtained a competitive advantage

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JOJOBA oil - from one of the largest suppliers

SKIOLD Damas deliver large plant for cleaning and drying

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Australia cattle farmer

SKIOLD has sold a feed mill

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Commercial feed factory, Australia

SKIOLD has delivered feed mill with capacity up to 30 tons per hour

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Scandinavian Farms, China

SKIOLD delivers a feed milling plant for 12 t/h

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A large Danish pig farmer

Chooses a feed mill solution from SKIOLD

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Ukrainian pig farmer

6 x full line farms with 1250 sows

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Industrial feed production, Estonia

Producer of minerals for animal feed 7 tons/hour

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Belarusian pig farmer

On-farm mixing for increased welfare, 6 t/h

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