SKIOLD feed mill and pig farm PrimaSvin

Huge building under construction in Denmark

for weaners and sows: Prima Svin A/S is ready for stage 2 of building farm units in cooperation with SKIOLD

In July 2019, Prima Svin A/S started the first stage of what will become one of the largest farms for pig production in Denmark.

Half of the construction was completed in the first stage and consists of barns for weaners with a total of 25,000 pen places. Technicians from SKIOLD are now finalizing installation of the equipment for the farm, which will be put into production in April. This month, SKIOLD and Prima Svin A/S have agreed about supply of equipment for the second and final stage of the project, including a green field project for 3000 sows.

“Prima Svin A/S is a newly established company, which acquired the farm in Ringkøbing in 2017 from the former owner, who was a SKIOLD client too”, Kurt Henriksen, sales responsible for SKIOLD milling equipment, says. “We have always sold a lot of equipment to the farm, among others a feed milling plant and feeding systems for both liquid and dry feeding.

Prima Svin A/S is owned by a long-time SKIOLD client for all product groups, Torben Poulsen from Klaptoft Pig Production, and Thomas Søby Carstensen, a new young co-owner. Klaptoft Pig Production operates several farms with a total of 3,000 sows farrow-to-wean.


Feed mill is being refurbished, feeding and climate systems are being installed in the farms

The next phase of the project at Prima Svin A/S includes:

  • Reconstructions and extensions of existing feed mill
  • Dry feeding for all weaners and liquid feeding for 3000 sows
  • Climate system for weaners and 3000 sows, including air cleaners

A sow plant for 3000 sows is being built as a green field project half a kilometer from Prima Svin’s feed mill. The second stage of a weaner farm with 25,000 pigplaces  is being built on a farm a few kilometers away.

The time schedule for the construction works – especially the green field project for 3000 sows – is very tight, and will include completion of sub-elements during the summer holidays, the project manager at SKIOLD says, and stresses out that Prima Svin A/S expects to produce pigs at the farm shortly after the summer holidays.

In the spring 2018, Prima Svin A/S renovated an existing sow farm with 1600 sows, with SKIOLD as responsible for the renovation of an existing liquid feeding system. In addition, a liquid feeding system for young females was installed at a neighboring farm. With the new sow farm, the total number of sows will amount to 4600.

The SKIOLD supply to the project in short

Handling of feed:

New farm, feeding:

New farm, climate:

  • Complete ventilation solution for 3000 sows, incl. 2 air cleaners
  • Heating system for farrowing pens and baby pens
  • Complete ventilation solution for the weaner unit
  • Heating system for the weaner unit

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