Pig feeding systems

When it comes to dry feeding, liquid feeding, phase feeding and electronic sow feeding, you get the best technology available from the most experienced supplier on the market.

SKIOLD has a wide range of feeding systems customised for the individual farm section. No matter which system you choose, you are guaranteed a reliable product where each detail has been considered.  When you buy a feeding system from SKIOLD you are ensured a product with long service life and low operational costs. 

Leading in pig feeding systems & technologies

Independent of your requirements  SKIOLD supplies a wide range of feeding equipment. Whether you prefer dry or liquid feeding, SKIOLD supplies optimal and cost-efficient systems based on life-long knowhow within feeding technologies. Our feeding systems are designed to match the specific need in all sections of the pig farm. For loose sows, SKIOLD Electronic Sow Feeding is the optimal solution developed on the basis of more than 30 years of experience.

Should you demand electronic supervision, data communication, and real-time information about operation, SKIOLD will meet your demands for both present and historical data about your pig production.

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