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Established in 1877

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SKIOLD makes the difference

Your business is our passion!

Our goal is to provide the optimal solutions to our customers, enabling them to produce food for the world’s growing population, in the most logical locations with the least impact on the environment, gaining the best benefit from their own effort.

We provide our customers the most innovative solutions that are efficient, reliable, affordable and add value to their businesses. We put our best effort to incorporate the global goals for a sustainable world in our solutions & products with the least negative impact on the environment covering the complete value chain from field to livestock

Full-line supplier for more than a century

Since 1877, SKIOLD has specialized in the development, production and installation of:

  • full-line pig farms
  • cattle housing
  • poultry equipment
  • animal feed milling
  • grain storage and handling
  • seed cleaning and processing

with care, trustworthiness and good craftsmanship as our first priority in all phases: development, design, production, sales, delivery, assembly and service.

Grain and seed processing

Grain and seed used for feed and seed are handled, processed and stored in ways that focus on the optimal quality of grain and seed to avoid waste. Clients demanding professional grain handling solutions turn to SKIOLD for both small and large-scale uniquely designed industrial solutions. Also, industries all over the world rely on SKIOLD’s high-quality, high-volume grain and seed cleaning/grading machines for optimum accuracy.

Feed milling

Nature’s resources are best preserved when feed production, feeding and storage of feed is done responsibly, ensuring a minimum of waste in all phases of the value chain. We help farmers successfully take control over animal feed and hereby ensure healthier pigs, cattle and poultry and better use of natural resources as well. We do that by providing SKIOLD feed milling equipment that makes up complete, customised solutions for grinding and proportioning feed for e.g. pigs, cattle and poultry.

Animal farming

Through its modern knowhow, equipment and efficient workflow, SKIOLD is one of the most experienced suppliers in the market for full-line pig farms. Also, by the acquisition of LANDMECO, solutions for poultry is an area in which we are striving to increase global reach with innovative design concepts based on decades of experience. Solutions for poultry encompass broilers, layers and rearing and are designed to be functional, reliable and profitable.

Responsibility, efficiency and profitability go hand in hand

It is our strong belief that farming should be done in the most responsible manner, measuring success on both animal health and agriculture’s impact on nature’s resources. Therefore, we provide solutions based on higher-efficiency technologies that maximize output and minimize the use of energy and agriculture’s footprint on nature.

Our highly dedicated and qualified employees have a thorough insight into the increasing demand for environmental sustainability and concerns for food safety for which reason all innovation of SKIOLD products and projects is focused on enabling future-proof sustainability from field to fork.

We create partnerships with our customers and wish to not necessarily be the biggest, but the greatest in the market.


  • Owned by Solix Group
  • Export ratio of 90 %
  • Subsidiaries in 9 countries
  • Headquarters in Denmark
  • 600+ employees

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