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Our history

SKIOLD was founded in 1877 in Denmark - and has grown into a large international company

SKIOLD is a Danish company established in 1877.

1877   SKIOLD A/S was established in 1877 as Sæby Jernstøberi og Maskinværksted (Sæby Iron Foundry and Machine Shop). During some years, it develops into a major enterprise in the region of Vendsyssel fo manufacture of steel castings.
1927   The family Hougaard takes over SKIOLD.
1938   The first stone grinding mills, vertical model, are produced, and a small amount of them exported.
1952   The company starts up production of feed mixers and hammer mills.
1988   SKIOLD datamix a/s is acquired, and the product program now includes liquid feeding systems.
1992   Development and sales of decentralised flour mills (baking flour) is initiated.
1995   The TransPork dry feeding program is launched, and the product range now also includes dry feeding systems.
2000   The Disc Mill is presented with great success at the Agromek exhibition 2000 and receives the Agromek prize 2000.
2000   Echberg Fodringssystemer (Echberg Feeding Systems) and Echberg Ventilation are acquired, adding feed dispensers and ventilation to the product program.
2002   The new FlexMix computer is introduced at the Agromek exhibition 2002.
2006   SKIOLD Echberg A/S and SKIOLD Sæby A/S merge into one company, SKIOLD A/S.
2006   SKIOLD datamix in Sweden is established.
2007   SKIOLD A/S acquires 100% of BL in Poland, which is renamed SKIOLD BL.
2007   SKIOLD International A/S is established for the handling of large projects in Eastern Europe.
2008   LLC SKIOLD in Russia is established (former branch office).
2011   SKIOLD VMS in Australia is acquired by 50%.
2012   SKIOLD A/S takes over ACEMO in France.
2012   SKIOLD A/S takes over DAMAS. DAMAS is founded in 1863 by Jens Nielsen. See our 150 year anniversary book
2012   SKIOLD Qingdao in China is established.
2014   SKIOLD Ukraine is established.
2014   SKIOLD Bemvig in Spain is established.
2015   SKIOLD Vietnam is established.
2016   SKIOLD SK780 Disc mill is launched.
2017   Family Hougaard sells the company to Solix.
2018   SKIOLD acquires LANDMECO - adding poultry solutions to the product programme
2019   SKIOLD acquires JYDEN - Housing solutions for pig and cattle
2020   SKIOLD acquires Rotecna - pig farm solution provider in Spain