SKIOLD Liquid Feeding: Gain precision and improve post-weaning

The advantage of SKIOLD is that it's simple. The designers don’t make useless features that don't serve anyone. Let's keep it simple and effective!

The SCEA of Bresleau, PS. E has invested in a semi-liquid feed solution from SKIOLD. Discover his testimony.

Why invest in a semi-liquid feed system?

"We were working in buildings that were 50 years old and wanted to stop processing our pigs. So we invested in a new building to better manage the final product and feed our animals with wheat from the farm. We opted for the liquid system to gain precision and improve post-weaning. At first, we used dry feed and then we switched to liquid feeding."

How long did it take to make our project a reality?

"Before embarking, we made a lot of visits to breeders with solutions made by different distributors and equipment from various manufacturers.

Before making a project like that, we took 2 years to think, mature the project and make it evolve. Then, we made a lot of visits to sites with SKIOLD equipment. We had a good connection with the distributor’s technician. When we talked about "pigs", he spoke about "pigs" and not about other things. He knew how to comment and was proactive.

In total, it took us 4 years to acquire the land, define the workbenches and the lengths of the rooms, visit farms and develop the project point by point. There was no room for mistakes in this type of project. “

Why did we choose SKIOLD?

"Before I didn't know SKIOLD but I had heard about the company. During our visits, we saw other great... but complex systems. Here it is not complicated.

The advantage of SKIOLD is that it's simple. The designers don’t make useless features that don't serve anyone. Let's keep it simple and effective! And our system is simple and effective. It is super! The only concern may be the internet. We are in an area with bad connection.“

What did we gain from the feed system?

"The machines are clean all the time. Before we cleaned the tank every day! Today, the tank is self-cleaning. We don't have to do anything. It saves time. There are sensors on the lids and therefore there is no risk of bacteria. The tanks are like new and sound. And besides, they're pretty!“

Any advice for breeders who would like to switch to liquid feeding?

"I will recommend it to anyone. Honestly, yes. I was amazed. They are very professional. They know their job and are passionate about it. [...] The dealer, if there is a problem, he stays until it has been solved. In addition, they are nearby and responsive. “

Closing remarks

"No regrets. We manage the product better. And this year we are going on vacation. It's been a long time since we have done that!”

Installation by SKIOLD France dealer TSE, Bohal


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