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8 tons/hour - Higher efficiency - Less labor force - Working satisfactory also after 8 years

SKIOLD has projected and delivered a complex project to Merkur, a major Croatian pig farmer. The sale and implementation of the project were managed by our dealer in Croatia Mr Bernard Karakas of Vertex who explains that the project was a computerized animal feed plant installed back in 2011-12 and is running very satisfactory. The feed plant is an 8 tons/hour solution which delivers feed to a full line of pigs – from weaners – to finisher.

Merkur is one of the main Croatian pig producers and produces 50 tonnes of feed per shift for a number of own farms in the northern part of Croatia.

The investment in a new animal feed plant was a crucial upgrade of the existing mixing plant back in 2011-12, which was not efficient enough to supply the feed for the increased production.

The investment in a new animal feed plant was a crucial upgrade of the existing mixing plant back in 2011-12. The existing plant was equipped with an inclined mixer and was not efficient enough to supply the feed for the increased production.

Full control over feed quality with computerized animal feed plant

The new SKIOLD feed plant – consisting of a horizontal mixer and a disc mill- enabled Merkur to have full control over the feed from start to finish which resulted in feed that was of much better quality. The disc mill made the production of feed much faster and more efficient than before.

Positive environmental impact and healthier pigs

After the installation of the feed mill, only one employee was needed per shift while still obtaining a much higher feed production capacity. A very positive side effect that has an immense positive environmental impact was the considerably lower power consumption and less noisy plant which benefits the well-being of both pigs and employees working in the farms. The advanced technology and the fact that feed is distributed in a closed system also means that no dust enters the feed during distribution which has positive effects on the health of the pigs in general.

“Some of the advantages with the disc mill is that each type of grain is transported separately and that distribution takes place in a closed system, eliminating the risk of contamination of the feed during distribution” Mr Karakas of Vertex explains. “The system has been in operation for 6-7 years now and the owner of Merkur still states that “SKIOLD is the best”.

The project consists of:

  • Silos

  • Cleaner

  • Horizontal mixer

  • SKIOLD Disc mill

  • Pelleting

  • SKIOLD Flex Mix PC Control system

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