FlexMix Pro software - "For me, there were no systems like that."

I start and then it operates on its own as long as there is what is needed. I can even do it from home. That's great. I'm happy, it's working well."

After a few hours by train and car, we arrived in Esches where we met the family business EARL de la Fourgonnerie. They produce 10 to 11 million eggs per year and ensure on-farm packaging and sales directly locally. Having grown up always seeing his parents work as egg producers, Nicolas brings his personal touch to this company by ensuring their feed autonomy.

He received us for a tour in their feed factory on the farm. A highly thought-out project to feed its 39,000 free-range laying hens.

Discover the feed manufacturing facility:

The project

The objective of on-farm feed manufacturing:

  • Ensure traceability of the feed

  • Control and reduce the feeding costs for the hens

Based on advice from his distributor DLS Elevage, Nicolas chose a mechanical feed factory. To learn more about the SKIOLD equipment, he visited an on-farm feed production unit equipped with a SKIOLD Mecamix installation that manufactures feed for a pig farm. Convinced for the mechanical part, he also discovered the SKIOLD Easyfab Pro manufacturing software (new generation: FlexMix Pro) which made the difference "For me, there were no control systems like that. This one is good. I have all my manufacturing history."

Nicolas chose the SKIOLD Mecamix feed factory, a compact grinder-mixer assembly, controlled by the SKIOLD Easyfab Pro.


Today, a new profession

Operational for 6 months, the factory has already produced 1059 tons feed. It produces 1.5 tons in 40 minutes.

Today, "there is a little work but it is not unpleasant. I take care of the feed factory 30 minutes a week. I get out of the house, I start and then it operates on its own as long as there is what is needed. I can even do it from home. That's great. I'm happy, it's working well."



Intuitive software

When we visited, we were not alone. A colleague of Nicolas was present. So we saw a demonstration of the software:

- "There is the monitoring and I have my wheat silos. Let's say I want to fill my silo with wheat. I switch here to manual and it turns green. We click on to "fill silo" and it starts automatically. If we want to stop, we click again and it stops."

- “It’s incredible.”


A clean factory

Nicolas' colleague was surprised by the cleanliness of the factory, "frankly it's clean.." Since commissioning, the farmer has swept his feed factory 3 times: Especially at commissioning and the week before our visit. "When you get dirty it's when you come in with the tractor and it's raining."

The hoppers from SKIOLD also help keep the site clean. In fact, these are closed and you just need to put the big bag there. That's good."

The results?

Nicolas notices positive effects, particularly on the particle size and on his chickens. "I notice more weight, a better start and a quality of egg shells that is beautiful. The advantage is that we can adapt quickly. In my opinion, I will gain in Consumption Index."

Installation carried out by Nicolas and SKIOLD France' distributor DLS Élevage.

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