SKIOLD Feed mill for poultry, France

Feed mill for poultry, France

The feed mill has resulted in better results as regards productivity and quality of the eggs

A dream came true

For almost 10 years, Mr. Modery had been planning to make his own feed for his laying hens. But today, it is done! When they started the process, everything was done quickly. "This was essential in relation to our wheat crop, which had to be stored to make the feed."

The grains harvested on the 260 ha farm are stored, dried on the farm and stored on the farm. "That is why the project could be materialized quickly because I do not have any worries about grain supply." The installation was carried out by the breeder himself from A to Z.

Today, he has a great knowledge of his feed mill thanks to this experience. "It was very intense. The slab was demolished on May 2nd and commissioned on September 22nd in addition to the daily work."

My own on-farm feed mill for 15 years

"On-farm feed production has several advantages:

  • Mastery of the raw material,
  • Adaptation as close as possible to the needs of the hens with the formulas. In fact, buying the commercial feed is like buying standard feed. Few feeds are formulated à la carte.
  • Produce safe products: We have a health check every 15 weeks.

Besides, I think that on-farm feed manufacturing will develop and that it is the future. Little by little, more and more farmers are investing in their own feed production systems.

For my part, we now have had peace of mind for 15 years without any worry or maintenance. I even think it will last for 25 years."

A trusted brand and a local distributor

Mr. Modery has chosen SKIOLD for several reasons. First of all, the professionalism and confidence in the technical sales representative: "People are essential. I have never had to deal with the headquarters since all the management was carried out through Maxime and Jean-Marie". This was a key element in choosing his investment. "You know, we work with living animals, my chickens have to be fed." In addition, I trusted the brand and especially the distributor Jean-Marie Lotz who was able to advise me and who is nearby.

The Disc Mill – an unrivalled mill

The disc mill – SKIOLD Disc Mill – really tipped the scales. "I chose the Disc Mill based on the particle size. My laying hens want something slightly coarse and not flour."

In addition, "I chose it for the comfort of work and following the advice of a breeder we had visited with Jean-Marie". Indeed, "a hammer mill requires more adjustments and regular monitoring in relation to the wear of the screens and hammers. This is not the case with the disc mill."

Another advantage of the SKIOLD Disc Mill is its low noise level, which is significantly below the hammer mill. It is also known for low dust emission. This is a quality not neglected by Daniel.

Finally, it has an excellent power consumption ratio since it is close to 4 t/h for a 15 kW.

Simple installation and easy maintenance

When designing feed factories, everything is designed to ensure working comfort by reducing required handling to the greatest possible extent.

Today, these farmers spend an average of 30 minutes/day when they make their feed. "Sometimes we only grind two days a week because we already have stock." The time spent monitoring the manufacturing is negligible. In addition, "the installation seems to me quite easy to maintain given the components of the installation". And the SKIOLD Easyfab Pro* controller is quite easy to operate.

 Significant gains

"The mill, which has been in operation since September 2017, allows me to achieve better results in my henhouse: In productivity and egg quality. In the quality of shells especially! We have halved our downgrades. This is very advantageous because decommissioning costs us dearly in time and profitability. It is a significant gain."

Finally, "the quality of the droppings is better". These advances are also linked to the formulation which requires very high precision. "We are always looking to get as close as possible to the needs of the hen. Do not be afraid to change the formula."

To invest in an on-farm feed production mill, you still need a certain volume to produce. Today, I can make my own feed. This allows me to better control and reduce the cost of feed which, in the trade, varies according to the price of grains and raw materials.


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Installation made by SKIOLD France.

Technical information:

Crops (260 Ha), 2 laying poultry buildings

Overall project amortisation: 10 years (storage, masonry, mill and transport truck)

Mechanical feed mill “SKIOLD Mecamix H1500”: Horizontal mixer, Disc Mill, automatic control of the SKIOLD Easyfab Pro* mill

*Easyfab Pro is a generation of SKIOLD FlexMix Pro.

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