Milling & grinding

SKIOLD is the leading supplier of milling and grinding equipment for animal feed production

Milling equipment from SKIOLD ensures optimized nutritional feed, higher efficiency and reduced operational costs. Improve animal health and increase feed conversion rate.The feed structure should be adapted to the different animal groups, and a wide range of different milling and grinding machines are available for the production of animal feed and fine-ground feed for poultry, livestock or aquaculture.

The choice of milling & grinding equipment is determined by the type of animal feed that is to be produced:

  • For pigs and poultry, hammer mills and disc mills are commonly used for feed production.
  • For cattle and other ruminants, the natural choice is a crusher or a SKIOLD Disc mill for feed production.

Regarding the question, whether you should choose a SKIOLD Disc mill, Crusher or a Hammermill for your milling & grinding plant, first and foremost depends or your need. We are always ready to advise you which option would be the best for your feed production in your specific situation.

Need to know more? We are ready to advise you on how to find the most optimal milling or grinding equipment for your animal feed production plant 


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