We have gained in comfort

GAEC Delort opted for an on-farm feed mill to improve working comfort

Why our own on-farm feed mill?

GAEC Delort opted for an on-farm feed mill to improve working comfort.

What made the difference?

With a feed mill that is scalable both in terms of equipment "we can add augers and silos, there's plenty of room" and raw materials, because "if we want to make other raw materials later on, we can do everything with the Disc Mill".

The electromechanical cabinet, for example, is always designed for development (e.g. adding inputs, outputs and protections).

With the Disc Mill, "you can adjust the particle size exactly the way you want with the Fabristar control box. You can adjust the distance between the discs to suit the harvest. It varies depending on the plot, the time of year and the type of grain. For example, the harvest isn’t always as good at the beginning of the year (smaller grains), so we tighten the discs. It's easy to adjust. And it's automatic.

What have we gained from the feed mill?

"We've gained more comfort".

What does improved working comfort mean? For this couple, the switch from the crusher to the automated feed mill has reduced the amount of work involved.

Less handling, "Fewer buckets to move around".

Improved working conditions, "When it rains, we're sheltered".

Saving time, "With buckets, we transport 600 kg batches to the feeder and that's good. It's done in 15 minutes. Before, it took 30 minutes to transport it.

We give less feed

"Before, with the crusher, some grains were completely untouched. Wheat is easy to crush, but with barley, the husk is much more straw-like. There were grains in the dung. With the Disc Mill, that's not the case.

What's more, we feed less and the calves benefit. When it's humid, they sweat. "The kilo of feed given is better assimilated. We call this feed efficiency. The less fine the feed, the less acid-producing the rations and the better they are assimilated by the cow's rumen," explains Eric Manenc, SKIOLD's Sales Manager.

We use our own grain 

In Haute-Vienne, GAEC Delort disposes of 155 hectares, 12 to 14 of which are used for barley. The rest is used for livestock (grassland).

Do you have any advice for other breeders who would like to invest in on-farm feed manufacturing?

Automate the installation without hesitation to save time!


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Farm information :

GAEC Delort, Saint Vitte sur Briance

2 partners

Breeding of beef cattle: 130 Limousine cows

UAA: 155 Ha (including 13 Ha of barley cereals)

Manufacture of 100 tonnes of feed per year / 1 outdoor 70 tonnes silo

SKIOLD on-farm feed mill: Disc Mill / 500 kg horizontal mixer (H500) / controlled by Fabristar control unit - commissioning in 2022

The installation is carried out in collaboration with SKIOLD France dealer ETS Chevalier Robert

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