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New feed mill with pelleting - increased demand in Romania for poultry feed

Agromar Baloteşti in Romania is a manufacturer of poultry feed for the retail market, specialized in small batches of 5-25 kg. They have an annual production of 20,000 tons feed for chicken, pigs, ducks, and ostrich, with individually adapted recipes for broilers, layers, breeders and rearing. Agromar is one of the largest in Romania on this market and is recognized for the high quality of the feed, and for the wide range of different feed types tailored to the different needs and growth stages of the animals. And with this new pelleting solution, Agromar will be able to target another segment of farm clients.

Food safety is of utmost importance, and the process of pelleting the feed can reduce the incidence of salmonella and mycotoxins. Along with grinding, conditioning with good quality steam is one of the most important conditions for obtaining a good physical quality of the feed. Conditioning creates thermal, chemical and mechanical energy. This disrupts the structure of the starch in the feed and leads to gelatinization, plasticizes proteins, and softens fibres.

The new pelleting line is a high-end 10 t/h solution, with a conditioner that heats the feed to 85°C, followed by a sanitizer which pasteurizes the feed before it enters the pellet press. The pellet press can produce 2mm, 3.5mm and 5mm pellets. The hot pellets are cooled in counter flow cooler, and a crumbler makes it possible to subsequently crumble the pellets into granulate when producing starter feed.

At the end of the process, the pellets are gently mixed with a protective oil coating, which is sprayed onto the pellets for even distribution. It is also possible to add vitamins to the coating.

The process is controlled by a fully automatic computer system. The systems allow for automatic, remote start and stop of the pelleting line, and for continuous optimization of temperature and throughput.

Apart from investing in the pelleting line, Agromar has also refurbished the existing feed factory with new advanced machinery. The existing hammer mill has been replaced by a SKIOLD Disc Mill. One of the advantages of the SKIOLD Disc Mill is that it is possible to vary the grinding degree during operation, and thereby optimize the feed structure for different products. Other advantages are the very low noise level during operation, an exceptionally long durability of wear parts, and high capacity with low power consumption. The high capacity SKIOLD Damas Sigma cleaner has also been added to the process equipment. The Sigma is a cleaning and grading machine with screen drums that rotate in a planetary movement and gently rub and polish each individual grain, which significantly reduces the content of fungi, bacteria and mycotoxins.

“We have chosen SKIOLD because their products are of high quality, which means that I can produce without break-downs. This will allow me to plan the productions and deliveries. We have seen the products at another feed factory – Premium Porc – and we realized that high-quality machinery is the key to increased production efficiency”, says Mr. Florin Coltuneac, managing director and owner of Agromar. “Food safety, animal health and efficient production are of immense importance to us, and we were particularly impressed with the SKIOLD Damas Sigma cleaner and its stunning results. Another reason for choosing SKIOLD was their long presence in Romania, and the fact that the company is highly recognized as a leading actor in the agro-industry here in Romania”, Mr Florin Coltuneac concludes.

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