Save time and reduce Labour – thanks to Automation

SKIOLD compact feed mill for cattle: Today, we don't do anything. You press a button and you don't have to worry about it.

In February, we visited the associates of GAEC Dromard in the Doubs. After climbing 630 m altitude to reach the farm located in the AOP Comté area, we discovered a green landscape and an exceptional view...

When we arrived at the farm in Ouvans, we were greeted by Emmanuel, Michael and Benoît. To them, on-farm feed manufacturing is not new. They have been making their own feed since 1972. Originally, their desire was to reduce feed costs and control the composition of the feed for their cattle, which has a strong impact on the quality of the milk production.

Pioneer in on-farm feed mills, they invested in a new factory in 2019. The feed mill met two objectives:

  • Save time / Reduce labour – thanks to automation

  • Adapt the diet to the animal


An optimized complete solution

For this project, it was necessary to adapt to the existing environment and save space. The partners therefore opted for a space-saving feed mill solution with a capacity of around 1 ton per hour. A compact assembly installed by themselves, including:

  • handling,

  • storage,

  • automation - SKIOLD Fabristar S

  • a factory core consisting of a Disc Mill and an MV12 vertical mixer

  • transfer of the feed to the concentrated feed dispensers by wire chain

For Emmanuel, it was not only the Disc Mill that made the difference, it was a combination of elements, and in particular the feed transfer solution with wire chain.

"Before the auger turned for an hour, whereas with the wire chain, it is full in less than 10 minutes. It is working well!"


Adaptation of the feed

Previously, the system made the same feed for all animals every day.

"We made a mixture of feed for all the cattle. Everyone had the same."

Now, the feed mill operates 1 time per week and uses 3 different receipies:

  • 1 for VL in summer season

  • 1 for VL in winter season where maize is added

  • 1 for young cattle

Then the feed is stored in a square silo placed high. This type of silo is ideal in this context. GAEC Dromard has a high but narrow building.



For them, the interest of investing in knowing / mastering the feed they give to their cattle: "You know what you put into your feed mixture". Thus, cattle waste less feed.

Time saving and simplicity

"Before, you had to stay next to the feed mill. It was necessary to shovel the grain into the augers because it was stored flat. Now, we don’t do anything anymore. You press a button and you don't have to worry about it anymore. At home, we have a dedicated person who handles the automaton. We save 30 minutes a day. (...) and it creates much less dust."


"We wouldn't do anything differently"

After 5 months of use, the farmer told us that he would not do anything differently. Nevertheless, he finds only one drawback. "At the slightest power cut, the chain breaks." To which Maxime, our technical sales representative of the sector, replied: "Indeed, it is a question of security. Just press the button again to rearm. And this is the advantage of transparent tubes. They allow you to see if the feed is well distributed."

Installation carried out by our distributor Alfadou.

Farm information:

  • 3 partners

  • 90 dairy cattle

  • UAA 182 ha

  • Milk reference: 650,000 litres

  • AOP County Area

  • SKIOLD solution: Disc Mill, vertical mixer, 1 t square storage silo, conveying auger, Fabristar S automation and distribution by chain wire

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